Noontime Events

#110    100 Years Ago in Clarks Summit

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 20       Time: Noon

From 1889 until 1925, Clarks Summit had many changes that established what the borough is today. Dennis Martin will take you from the establishment of the first high school in the area, the coming of the Northern Electric, the establishment of the borough, the rebuilding of the Lackawanna Railroad through town, the creation of the Lackawanna Trail, the first election open to women and the building of the new high school, many aspects of what we think of as Clarks Summit came into existence.                  

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#111    Embattled Freedom: Waverly and the Underground Railroad

 Date: Wednesday, Sept. 27     Time: Noon

At one time in the history of our area, runaway slaves moved secretly through Waverly homes that were part of the Underground Railroad.  The abolitionist era brought conflict between white supremacists who ruled the region and the whites who supported abolition and worked to provide the fugitive slaves with safety, work, land and even education.  This narrative, developed by speaker Jim Remsen who was born in Waverly, details the complex history of the remarkable yet little-understood “Colored Hill” settlement, its white supporters and its thirteen black fathers and sons who fought bravely in the Civil War.  Mr. Remsen’s extensive research ties these local narratives in with events and attitudes of other towns in the Lackawanna Valley at that time.

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#112    Brain Boot Camp

Date: Wednesday, October 25 – 11 A.M. (this is a change in the original date and time)  Date: November 8        Time:  Noon

Come on down to The Gathering Place for a relaxing hour spent on cranium challenges. We’ll try trivia questions, word games, vocab challenges, math mysteries, Jeopardy, riddles, and lots of fun with words: puns, oxymorons, word histories, strange facts about our language and much more. We’ll have some friendly competition and work our brains at the same time.
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We Have a NEW Speaker and have rescheduled this event

#113     Genealogy 

 Date: Wednesday, November 29               Time: Noon

Martina Soden, research librarian at the Albright branch of the Lackawanna Library system, will teach techniques and sources to research your own ancestry.  Class participants will receive instructions and hand-outs that will allow you  to continue your research work  at home. A question and answer period will follow the instruction.

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#114    A War in Letters

Date: Wednesday, October 25           Time: Noon

Mary Beth Voda chronicles the battle for Iwo Jima as seen through the letters of two combatants: US Marine Pfc Tom Kennedy and Japanese commander, Gen. T. Kuribayashi. Although enemies, these shared a love of family and sense of duty to country.

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