Six Word Slam

When Maya Angelou was complimented on her poem for President Clinton’s inauguration, she replied, “It would have been shorter if I had more time.”

She valued the beauty of  succinct, well-chosen phrases and worked to state her thoughts in a few, beautiful words.

We at The Gathering Place are challenging you to follow Angelou’s example and create a succinct, well-chosen message in six-words, no fewer and no more.

We all may have to shelter in place, but that’s just our physical selves.  Our minds are free to wander wherever we choose.  We would like you to wake up your creativity and craft SIX-WORD SLAMS – six words that represent what is going on around you, how you feel about the day, or any thought that can be melted down to six words.

When we are once more able to get together, we will have a wonderful afternoon reading these aloud.  Until then, send your Slams to  We will share them with others in our email newsletters and celebrate each other’s words.

Warning: Creating Six Word Slams can be habit-forming.  Once you start to squeeze a thought down to its essence, you will find yourself trying it over and over!

Submitted Slams

From Cathy McAndrew
Inspiration flows through me, channeling divinity.                                    
Into what source are you plugged?
Of what are you the carrier?      

From The Reverend Canon William T. Warne, II
All life’s concerns shall be well

From Patricia Bator
Life has changed. Not all bad.
Joy in nature, just get outside.
What was once noise, now hushed
You were right. This is fun!

From Judy DeCarlo

Husband won’t shave until baseball’s back.
Time to spring-clean, still don’t wanna
Check-out girls hold high-risk jobs.
Beer stores open, must drink alone.
Remember when global hotspots attracted people?
Casinos closed, too risky to bet.
Homeless population, social distancing doesn’t apply
Stuck at home — grateful for Internet
No testing — either COVID19 or PSSA
“Chinese Virus” is a “travel bug”
Daily routine, prayers for Dr. Fauci
401K tanked, out of toilet paper
Coughing in public, now a felony
Library closed, I got the shakes.
Church doors locked fearing Invisible Enemy.
Gun sales up, Now Hugs Kill
Social distancing doesn’t happen at Weis
Can Easter baskets be blessed virtually?
Can’t dye Easter eggs, short supply
Sheltered in place, counting my blessings
First time ever — No blessed palms!
from bed to chair to couch

From Ann Vitale
Cupboard stocked. Mac and cheese deluxe.
Grandpa used Sears catalog. Not Charmin.
Bored. Teaching dog to play Twister.
In the house alone. Still scared.
I’ll be fine. Own P&G stock.  
Proctor and Gamble. Really good stock.
Gun sales up. That’ll fix covid!