Democracy, Republicanism & The Death of Expertise

This lecture, by Harold W. Baillie, Ph.D., will discuss the tensions between republicanism and democracy. The political thought leading to the original structure of Congress in the U.S.  Constitution was by design republican, yet subsequent amendments have significantly altered the original balance between democracy and republicanism. The Founding Fathers believed that the solution to many of the historical problems faced by democracy could be resolved by a republican form of government (in addition of course to the system of checks and balances they developed). Since then, popular opinion has tended to assert the more egalitarian sense of democracy, evidenced in universal suffrage, the direct election of Senators, lowering the voting age, party primaries and attacks on the electoral college. Accompanying these developments has been an attack on expertise and elitism. Where do we go from here?

Date: Tuesday, December 1         Time: 7 PM          Cost: $5
This is a Zoom class.

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