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Date: Thursday, March 24

Time: 7 PM


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Dr. Fauve Luckey has been a licensed psychologist since 2013 and has a private practice in Clarks Summit, PA.  She graduated from Marywood University with her Psy.D. in 2011 and completed her pre-doctoral internship at Youth Consultation ServicesInstitute for Infant and Preschool Mental Health. She completed her post-doctoral residency at Marywood University Counseling/Student Development Center.  She has also taught various courses for the Marywood University Psy.D. program including Child Psychopathology, Child Psychotherapy, Human Development, and Group Psychotherapy.  She has also provided clinical supervision  in the Marywood University Psychological Services Center and served as the Associate Director under the direction of Dr. John Lemoncelli. In her practice, she treats children, adults, families, and couples.  She also provides parent training workshops and other community outreach programming.  Furthermore, she has provided clinical supervision for Marywood students and has provided individual and group consultation for therapists in the community. 

Some of the topics that may be discussed:

1. Covid isolation (from friends, family, even own household members if they were sick and in quarantine)

2. Loss of loved ones from Covid- grief

3. School and learning issues  (stressors from virtual learning, unpredictability,  parents as homeschoolers and teacher burn out and how that might leak onto the littles, adult burn out in general and how this leaks onto the children) 

4. Social regressions (kids are having a hard time reconnecting to people in person or relearning how to act appropriately in person) 

5. Social/political understanding and aftermath – over the past two years, kids being divided politically – Trump/Biden, scientifcally – maskers vs. anti vaxers, cocio culturally – BLM, other underrepresented populations (how these divisions lead to bullying in schools) 

6. Anxiety/Depression – kids who were already anxious may be even more so, kids who never experienced anxiety before may now qualify for a formal diagnosis. Fear of germs, fears of being separated, fear of losing a loved one, perfectionism and need for control in an otherwise chaotic world.  Hard to understand what is irrational vs. rational right now in the middle of a global pandemic, many irrational fears are valid 

7. How to spot warning signs kids might need help and resources for them

8. How parents can take care of themselves so as to better take care of the children.

Oil Painting with Marylou Chibirka

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