Teen Board

teen boardThe Gathering Place board members welcome its newly established Teen Board.
(from left to right: TGP Board members: Jim Vipond, Emily Rancier, Anne Armezzani, Teen advisor, Teen Board members: Ellie Wright, Hannah Linker, Cyler Cleary. Not pictured, teen member Samantha Wilkerson).

The Gathering Place for Community, Arts and Education has established a Teen Board that will advise its Board of Directors as to how The Gathering Place can best serve the needs of young people in the community. The Teen Board will suggest programs for youth, research design elements and practical uses of the building, and act as liaisons with the student body at Abington Heights High School.

Samantha Wilkinson is creating a pictorial history of the development of The Gathering Place and assisting in decorative ideas, Hannah Linker is researching design materials for The Gathering Place, Cyler Cleary is writing a history of the Boro Building and The Gathering Place, and Ellie Wright will be running a free tutoring program for students grades 1-4 this coming fall.

Meet Our Teen Board Members



Hello and my name is Cyler Cleary. For my graduation project for school I'm going to be doing historic research on the Gathering Place organization, the building itself along with the history of Clarks Summit as a whole and how it contributes to our great and local society. Along with that I plan on doing physical chores like moving, painting, prepping etc. when construction on the building is        complete.





hannah linker
Hi! My name is Hannah Linker. I am currently a junior at Abington Heights High School who loves anything crafty. I have always had an affinity for color and design, so I decided to work to design The Gathering Place! I am so excited to be the head of the teen board at The Gathering Place! My love of color started with my desire to paint and do makeup. I also specialize in the leadership and usage ideas of The Gathering Place! I can't wait until this building is up and running!






Hi! My name is Samantha Wilkerson, and I'm going into my junior year. I work as a lifeguard during the summer, and in the winter I am part of my school's varsity swim team. I'm helping photograph the building process for The Gathering Place because I really enjoy doing photography.I also play guitar and ukulele, and sometimes I draw or paint.I love working with new people, and I can't wait until the new building for The Gathering Place is finished!




ellia wright


Hi I am Ellie Wright. I have lived in Clarks Summit my entire life with my older brother, mom, and dad. I am a 16 year old junior at Abington Heights High School, where I am a member of the girls' basketball and track teams. I enjoy working with children. I have also enjoyed volunteering for local animal rescues by fostering stray kittens and helping to place them in permanent homes. As a member of The Gathering Place Teen Board, I hope to help bring the community together and contribute ideas to better involve local teens.