Keystone Draw-a-thon

On May 2 and 3, 10 student artists at Keystone College donated their talents and time to a fundraiser for The Gathering Place.

 Students drew, charcoaled, and painted works around the idea of gathering over a twenty-four hour period. Student organizers Rainey Pritchett and Melanie Rosato developed the idea in hopes that the Draw-a-Thon becomes an annual event sponsored by The Keystone Art Society. 

DSCN2168Rainy Pritchett, one of the organizers of the event.

And The Winner is …

Artist Lindsey Lockwood's work is the winner of The Draw-a-Thon.

Artist Lindsey Lockwood’s work is the winner of The Draw-a-Thon.







Michealangelbros: The team of Vinny Desimone, Shannon Anderson, and Matt Maslousky, (pictured) took the Rembrandt painting, Anatomy of Dr. Tulip,  and recreated it in the style of Pablo Picasso.

lindsey lockwood


Lindsey Lockwood worked as a solo artist as she recreated the Italian renaissance artist works of Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and and Leonardo and interfaced the masters with the teenage mutant ninja turtles.




Mikayla Lewis and Raven Lydon (pictured) used charcoal to design Han and the Soloette, a rendition of the inside of a gothic cathedral.


the cat's meow

Stefiny Thomas and Amy Cone created The Cat’s Meow, a congregation of cats as they play together.

sketchbook shinobisEthan McConnel-Drozdis and Matthew Nealon designed Sketchbook Shinobis, a mystery piece that blended the motifs of the movie Clue with various Pokemon characters.

Four local bands performed for the artists and audience: Pulak, Static in the Attic, Keystone Jazz Band and South Side Bandits. The event was sponsored by Pepsi, Jordan’s Towing, Jim Morrell’s Towing, Panera Bread, Lacapra Stone, Dim Line Clothing, Glant Supermarket, Embassy Vinyl, PDQ, and The Halfway House. 

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