Sylvie Simmons

A Conversation with
Author & Songwriter,
Sylvie Simmons

April 15,2018 

Singer, songwriter, and author Sylvie Simmons spoke about her writing, her music and the musicians
 she has met and interviewed.

Sylvie Simmons is regarded as one of the foremost rock journalists of the time. She has written books about Leonard Cohen,  Johnny Cash, Neil Young and is presently working on a book about Debbie Harry. She’s interviewed Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, Tom Waits and many more.

An accomplished musician in her own right.  The Guardian, a British newspaper, extolls and praises her ukulele playing and her album, Sylvie, as “genuinely fantastic.” She will share her approach to songwriting and perform some of her original works on her ukulele.

Sylvie talks about song writing.

Sylvie sings Hallelujah.

Sylvie sings Suzanne.

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