Our Town Art Scholarship

For Abington Heights 2018 Graduates

All Abington Heights seniors with an interest in art are invited to apply for a $1000 scholarship to be used to further their education in a creative field.  Each applicant must submit a sample of art to Mrs. Eileen Healey and must complete the application below by January 19. Art samples may include painting, photography, drawing, graphic design, interior design, architecture, sculpture, pottery, jewelry or related fields.  Students must be planning to pursue a  major or minor in an art-related field.

The OUR TOWN scholarship will be a one-time endowment by the Abington Business and Professional Association, made possible through the artistry of Shirley Eagen and work of Dorothy O’Connor.  The funds for the scholarship came from the sale of hand-drawn cards designed and painted by Shirley Eagen and sold by area businesses throughout the community as part of the Downtown Go-Round program.

Shirley Eagan is a Clarks Summit resident whose art work reflects the beauty of our town and of many other places of our world.  As a young girl, Shirley received encouragement and help in her art from her parents and a family friend.  Because of this support, she has often “Paid it forward” by helping young artists to follow their talents.  This scholarship is her way of giving back to the community and offering support to a student who loves art as she does.

Dorothy O’Connor has also given so much to her community, always working to revive the downtown area and local businesses, by bringing art, music, and community festivals to Clarks Summit.  Dorothy and Shirley are models for how a person betters the lives of those around them.

How To Apply

Please fill out the questions below and mail to Anne Armezzani, 263 Chapman Lake Road, Scott Township, Pa. 18433 or email to armezzanij@aol.com by January 19.  Any questions may be sent to that email address.


Name ____________________________________________________________


College you plan to attend(if that has not been determined as of February 10, leave this part blank until you are confirmed by the college)________________________________________


Major you plan to follow__________________________


Will you be pursuing a minor in any field of art study?_____________________


Title of piece of art you will be showing at The Gathering Place gallery



Are there any comments you wish to include about that specific work of art or your theories/goals of your art ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Do you work in any other forms of art other than the piece at The Gathering Place?

If so, what form(s)?__________________________________________________



On a separate sheet of paper, please compose an essay of 500 to 650 words, telling about your love of art by answering any or all of the following questions and adding personal comments that you wish to make. Essay should be typed in Times New Roman 12 font and double spaced. 

What are your goals for using the scholarship money toward your study of art?

How will you further the study of your art form during your formal education and in your life outside the classroom?

How will you work to make art a part of your life after your formal education?

How can art tie a community together, helping people to understand each other better and to work together for a better life?