Snowman Contest

Maryn and Natalie McArdle, winners of the “Best Snowman Family” 2019

Carmella and Francesca Rivera, winners of the “Best Mommy and Daddy Snowmen” 2019

Josh Davis, winner of the
“Tallest Snowman” and “Best Name for a Snowman” (Big Tuna) 2019

Jake Adonizio, winner of the “Best Dressed Snowman” 2019





A Build the Best Snowman contest will be held in January and February.  Style and build a snowman, take a picture of it, send it to

The picture will be on display at TGP until February 28. 

The first and second place winners will receive free Domino’s pizza certificates.  All members of the family are invited to participate  Get out and play in the snow!