Brain Exercises – February 21, 2023

Vivienne’s Vowels

    Vivienne is an odd one. She has an aversion to the letters A, E, I, O, and U. Can you fix her list of famous people by putting back the missing vowels”?

    1. DGR LLN P
    2. PT SGR
    3. LBRC
    4. LRNC LVR
    5. MM SNHWR
    6. TM CR
    7. SC SMV
    8. PT RS
    9. CLPTR

    New Words! It’s always fascinating to see how words come into our language. However, I admit to having trouble keeping up with so many new recent words. I was particularly humbled by an article in the New York Times this weekend listing the latest dating jargon. Ok, so my dating years are a “bit’ in the past, but it’s quite an epiphany to see how complex dating in this time is. Thanks to the Times, these updates are now official.

    “Picture this: You’re single and ‘cobwebbing’ in the aftermath of your previous failed relationship. The attractive person you thought was ‘rizz’ is starting to exhibit ’beige flags.’ You turn to your continuing ‘situationship” for attention, but you hope to meet someone with ‘soft launching’ on Instagram.” What is THAT all about?

    Can you match these new terms with their definitions?

    Soft-launching, Love Bombing, Ghosting, Cobwebbing, Bread crumbing, Rizz, Cuffing, Situationship, Orbiting, Cookie jarring, The Three Flags: Green, Red, beige

    1. When someone consistently checks in with a romantic prospect but never follows through
    2. Purging mementos from previous relationships in an effort to move on
    3. Getting tied down to one partner, usually during the cold months
    4. When a person seeks a relationship as a backup plan when the one they actually want isn’t available or has rejected them.
    5. Green is positive traits. Red is negative. A person displaying beige is not necessarily good or bad. They are just dull.
    6. The act of disappearing without warning or cutting off all contact with someone you are dating.
    7. Lavishing a new romantic partner with grand gestures and constant contact while keeping them isolated from friends and family.
    8. When someone has cut off communication, yet they continue to interact on social media, usually through likes.
    9. Short for “charisma,’ this refers to someone’s ability to flirt with and attract love interests.


    Vivienne’s Vowels

    1. Edgar Allen Poe
    2. Pete Seeger
    3. Liberace
    4. Laurence Olivier
    5. Mamie Eisenhower
    6. Tom Cruise
    7. Isaac Asimov
    8. Pete Rose
    9. Cleopatra

    New Words

    1. Breadcrumbing
    2. Cobwebbing
    3. Cuffing
    4. Cookie jarring
    5. The 3 Flags: Green, Red, yellow
    6. Ghosting
    7. Love Bombing
    8. Orbiting
    9. Rizz