Brain Exercises – Sept. 20


As their name implies, logical comparison puzzles require you to compare things, people, events and so on to derive an appropriate conclusion from them.  

  1. Maria, who is taller than Juan, is shorter than Jack.  Deb is shorter than Juan. Who is the tallest of the four? 
  2. Six friends are all different heights.  Louise is shorter than Lucy, Danielle is shorter than Chris and Sarah is shorter than Alex.  Lucy and Chris are shorter than Sarah.  Lucy is shorter than Danielle.  Who’s the tallest and the shortest?
  3. Six friends have names that start with the first six letters of the alphabet- Aaron, Barney, Cheryl, Dina, Evelyn, and Frank.  All are of varying heights. Their heights do not correspond alphabetically-that is, Aaron is not the tallest of the group and Barney is not  the second tallest and so on. Those whose names start with the first three letters are the shortest. Barry is shorter than Cheryl, but taller than Aaron. Also, Dina is shorter than Frank but taller than Evelyn.  Who is the tallest of the group?
  4. Five boys and five girls took the same test. The girls’ names started with the five vowels – A, E, I, O, U. The boys’ names started with the first five consonants, alphabetically speaking – B, C, D, F, G. Here are the results of the test: The top five scorers consisted of two girls and three boys. The names of the top five started with letters that were in alphabetical sequence. The top scorer was a girl.  Her name did not start with an A.  With what letter did her name begin. 
  5. In a race, Betty beat Cheryl, and Meagan beat Sandy.  Kathy came in right after Sandy.  Mary came in right after Kathy but ahead of Betty.  Who won the race?

Gods only Know!  See how much you can remember from your studies of Greek gods and myths.

  1. Gaea was the name for _________. She was lonely and fell in love with Uranus, the ______ of the _________.
  2. The ________ were the first children of Mother Earth.  There were ______ Titans, known to be taller than mountains, and ______ Titanesses.
  3. Cronus became the Lord of the Universe and married Rhea.  Their children included ________, ________, and _________.
  4. Each of these three gods had a special weapon.  __________ used lightning bolts against his enemies; __________ had a special trident; and _______ was given a cap of invisibility so he could strike his enemies unseen. 
  5. Three of the Titans who were one-eyed cyclopes built a palace for the gods on Mount _______.  The palace was hidden in ______ and no one but the gods could pass through this gate of ________.
  6. Iris was the first messenger of the gods and had her own path down to earth.  Dressed in a gown of iridescent drops, she ran along the ______ on her trips between earth and Olympus. 
  7. On Olympus, the gods sat on their thrones.  ________ was the god of war, _________ was the goddess of love, ________ was the goddess of wisdom, _________ was the god of light and music. 
  8. The gods feasted on ________ and drank ________.
  9. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, had neither a __________nor a _________.  She had risen out of the sea on a cushion of foam and no one knew where she had come. From. 
  10. Aphrodite had a mischievous son named _______ who loved to fly about with his bow and arrow, shooting the magic arrows into the hearts of unwary victims.  The victims didn’t die but rather fell in love with the first person they saw, while Eros mockingly laughed. 


Logical Comparison Puzzles

  1. Jack is the tallest.  Jack, Maria, Juan, Deb
  2. Alex is the tallest and Louise is the shortest.
  3. Alex, Sarah, Chris, Danielle, Lucy, Louise
  4. Frank is the tallest.   Frank, Dina, Evelyn, Cheryl, Barney, Aaron
  5. E
  6. The winner is Meagan.   Meagan, Sandy, Kathy, Mary, Betty, Cheryl

Gods only Know

  1. Gaea, Earth (Mother Earth), Lord of the Universe
  2. Titans, 6,6
  3. Zeus, Hades, Poseidon
  4. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades
  5. Olympus, clouds, clouds
  6. rainbow
  7. Ares, Aphrodite, Athene, Apollo
  8. ambrosia, nectar
  9. father, mother
  10. Eros