Exercises for the Brain – March 7

Brain Teasers

  1. When Wilbur woke up and looked outside, it was snowing. The window was so misty that he could write “snowing” on it with his finger. Just for fun, he rubbed out the letter “n” which left the word “sowing.”  Then he rubbed out another letter and again it left a word.  He kept doing this. Every time he took away a letter, it left a word. Finally, only one letter was left and that was a word too. How did Wilbur erase the letters?
  2. Mr. Green has removed a flat tire and is putting on the spare.  He doesn’t know that a squirrel is stealing the four lugs (nuts) that hold the tire to the axle.  After finding the lugs missing, how does Mr. Green manage to attach his spare tire and drive to the nearest service station where he can obtain four more lugs?
  3. Can you figure out a way to hold a piece of rope or string, one end in each hand, and tie a knot in the string without letting go of either end?
  4. A cowboy rode into town on Friday, stayed two days, then rode out of town on Friday.  How come?
  5. 96 is not 69 upside down. Why?


  1. Snowing, sowing, owing, wing, win, in, I
  2. Mr. Green removed one lug from each of the other three tires and used them to attach the spare.  Three lugs will hold a tire firmly enough for a short drive.
  3. Cross your arms before you seize the ends of the string.  Uncross your arms and it will tie a knot in the cord.
  4. Friday was the name of the cowboy’s horse.
  5. 96 upside down is still 96.