Brain Exercises 1-11-2022

Some Jeopardy questions…

  1. Aside from the US, this country is the only member of NATO that’s not in Europe.

  2. Israel shares the Dead Sea with this country.

  3. A tennis score of 40-40 is known by this term.

  4. In electronics, L.E.D. stands for this.

  5. In 1964, William Miller was the running mate of this Presidential candidate.

  6. This coffee brand’s motto “Good to the very last drop” was a quote from Theodore Roosevelt.

  7. This country has the largest pork population in the world.

  8. He died 14 days into his second term in office.

  9. In 2014, voters in this country decided to remain in the United Kingdom.

  10. Thule Air Base on this island is near the site of a US-Danish weather station.

Science Thinks

1. You have sealed the ninth of nine identical parcels of precisely equal weights, only to discover that your diamond ring has accidentally fallen into one of the packages.  You don’t want to unwrap every parcel.  Can you work out how to find the parcel containing the ring with just two  weighings on a balance scale?

  1. A sealed bottle containing flies is placed on a scale. When does the scale register the heaviest weight: when the flies are resting on the bottom of the bottle or when the flies are in flight?

  2. You must boil an egg for exactly five minutes, but all you have is a four-minute “hourglass style” timer and a three minute “hourglass style” timer. Can you work out how to use these two timers to measure five minutes?


Some Jeopardy Questions

  1. What is Canada?

  2. What is Jordan?

  3. What is “Deuce”?

  4. What is Light emitting diode

  5. Who is Barry Goldwater?

  6. What is Maxwell House?

  7. What is China?

  8. Who is Abraham Lincoln?

  9. What is Scotland?

  10. What is Greenland?

Science Thinks

1. Weigh three parcels against three parcels.  If one side is heavier than the other side, one of those three must contain the ring.  If both sides are equal, the ring must be in one of the three that were not weighed.  From the group of three with the ring, weigh one against the other.  The heavier of the two has the ring.  If both are equal, the ring will  be found in the unweighted parcel.

  1. The weight is the same in both instances. The weight depends on the mass of the bottle and its content, and that does not change.  When flies are in flight, their weight is transmitted to the bottle by air currents, especially the downdraft generated by moving wings.

  2. Start both timers simultaneously. When the three-minute timer ends, turn it over quickly. When the four-minute timer ends, turn the three-minute timer over again – there will be one minute’s worth of sand to add to the four minutes to make a full five minutes.