Brain Exercises – August 24

Some Easy-peasy Riddles

  1. What passes before the sun without making a shadow?

  2. Why is an old car like a baby?

  3. Why is lettuce the friendliest vegetable?

  4. Three men dug a hole in six days. How long did it take them to dig half a hole?

  5. Why does time fly so fast?

  6. How many sides does a coconut have?

  7. What bar opens but never shuts?

  8. What’s the best thing for hives?

  9. Why was the rock emotional?

  10. Why was the butter bad?

Word Parts – The word “bather” is defined as “a person who takes a bath or  goes swimming.”  In this puzzle, however, the definition is supplied not of a word, but of its parts.  For example, given the first clue “Louisville Slugger” plus the second clue “ the opposite of him,” the answer is bather (bat + her).  Try to put these clues together to form a word

  1. Coca-cola’s first diet drink + to allow

  2. For each + verdict deciders

  3. Stylish, fashionable + Barbie’s beau

  4. To sharpen + a pig’s hangout

  5. To spray thin droplets of water + formation of iron oxide on steel

  6. Commercial, for short + clergyman

  7. Cleopatra’s snake + the first letter of the alphabet + an old piece of cloth+ you and me

  8. A baseball hat + sick, unwell+ March/April’s zodiac sign

  9. Rather + a place for cold cuts, cheese and salads, etc. + not off

  10. Person who uses scuba gear + the opposite of stand + the penultimate letter of the alphabet





Riddle Answers

  1. The wind

  2. Because it never goes anywhere without a rattle

  3. Because it’s all heart

  4. You can’t dig half a hole

  5. Because so many people are trying to kill it

  6. Two sides: inside and outside

  7. A crowbar

  8. Bees

  9. Because it was easily moved

  10. When it was cream, it wasn’t whipped enough

Word Parts

  1. Tablet (Tab + let)

  2. Perjury (per + jury)

  3. Chicken (chic + Ken)

  4. Honesty (hone + sty)

  5. Mistrust (mist + rust)

  6. Administer (ad+ minister)

  7. Asparagus (asp +A + rag+ us)

  8. Capillaries (cap + ill + Aries)

  9. Dandelion (Dan + deli + on )

  10. Diversity (diver + sit + Y)