Brain Exercises – November 23

Thanksgiving riddles  (with thanks to Readers’ Digest)

  1. What smells the best every Thanksgiving dinner?

  2. Why didn’t the Pilgrims tell each other their secrets in the cornfield?

  3. Why is it that the turkey didn’t finish its dessert?

  4.  What is Dracula’s all-time favorite holiday?

  1. Which of the Thanksgiving beverages is considered to be sad?

  2. Where did the Pilgrims stand when they landed?

  3. Why did the turkey decide to cross the road?

  4. Why did the pilgrim cross the road?

  5. Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?

  6. Is it possible for a turkey to fly higher than an ostrich?

  7. Where do turkeys go if they want to dance?

  8. What is the main difference between Thanksgiving and April Fools’ Day?

  9. What is the name of the cranberry that isn’t happy?

  10. What genre of music did Pilgrims like best?

  11. How did the chicken, the pheasant, turkey, duck, and goose get into deep trouble?

  12. Grandma and Grandpa had a total of six children. Each of those children grew up and had four children of their own. Those children grew up and had two children each. Everyone will join the Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. How many people will be at the table?

  13. Why was the Plymouth Rock that brave?

Thanksgiving Trivia

     1. What is a turducken and where was it first enjoyed?

  1. Which of these foods was NOT eaten at the first Thanksgiving? Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, lobster, swan, mussels, venison, corn porridge

  2. When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?

  3. Which profession is usually very busy on Black Friday, besides retail workers?

  4. Dates: George Washington proclaimed the first Thanksgiving in _____; Thanksgiving was set as the last Thursday in November in _______; FDR moved it to the third Thursday in ______.

  5. Soon the Macy’s Day parade will be _____years old.

  6. Before 1927, the parade used _______ _______ instead of balloons.

  7. Butterball Turkey Hotline answers over _______calls a year between November and December.

  8. In 1953, ______ invented the first Tv dinners when his company had 260 tons of turkey that wasn’t sold.

  9. The  US consumes ____ _____ turkeys each year.

  1. Which football team has played every year since 1934 on Thanksgiving Day? (except for World War II years)

  2. In 1997, the Barney balloon tore along its middle and deflated, the Pink Panther had to be stabbed when it got out of control and The Cat in the Hat hit a lamppost and went limp. This resulted in the parade committee setting _______ standards finally.

  3. What was the number of Pilgrims comparted to Native Americans at the first Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Riddles – Answers

  1. Your nose!

  2. Because the corn had ears.

  3. Because it was already stuffed.

  4. Fangsgiving.

  1. Apple sigh-der.

  2. On their feet

  3. To prove that he wasn’t a chicken!

  4. Because he was actually chasing the turkey!

  5. The outside.

  6. Yes, because ostriches don’t fly.

  1. The Butter Ball.

  2. On one, you are thankful and on the other, you are prankful.

  3. Blueberry

  4. Plymouth rock.

  5. It’s because of their fowl language

  6. 80 people.

  7. It’s because it was a little bold-er.

Thanksgiving Trivia Answers

  1. A deboned chicken inside q deboned duck inside a turkey – New Orleans

  2. NO mashed potatoes (they weren’t grown yet) and no cranberry sauce (not until 50 years later)

  3. October

  4. Plumbers – people tend to clog their drains and disposals on Thanksgiving

  5. 1789, 1863 (Lincoln), 1939

  6. 100 (1924)

  7. Real animals from the Central Park Zoo, but their growls scared the kids

  8. 100,000

  9. Swanson

  10. 46 million

  11. Detroit Lions

  12. Pilgrims: 22 male, 4 married females and 25 children Native Americans: 90

  13. Size regulations: 70 ft. high 70 ft. long and 40 ft. wide