Brain Exercises – November 9

Grandma’s Grammar

Pick the correct spelling in each context.

  1. There is a (definate, definite) chill in the air tonight.

  2. The (nuptuals, nuptials) were scheduled for one o’clock.

  3. The leader of the company and my older brother are (one and the same, one in the same).

  4. In the still life picturing fruits, the vivid colors on the artist’s (palate, palette, pallet) were so lively and realistic that they appealed to my (palate, palette, pallet).

  5. In many ways, our Congress is similar to the British (Parlament, Parliament) but in many ways they are different.

  6. All of the (Filipinos, Phillipinos) on the large island of Luzon have lots of traffic to deal with each day

  7. He is a member of the (Democratic, Democrat) Party.

  8. It took six years for Devon to earn his (Doctorial, Doctoral) degree.

  9. Oh if only I had a cup of (expresso, espresso)!

  10. My sister has (the exact same, exactly the same ) purse as I do.

Crime Rhymes

Each clue leads to a two-word answer that rhymes, such as BIG PIG or STABLE TABLE.  The numbers in parentheses after the clue give the number of letters in each word. 

  1. When investigators are weighing whether to charge someone with a crime, it is said that they (5,6) _________    _________-

  2. The burglar who stole food from a variety of summer picnickers was known as the (10,5) _________ _________

  3. The doctor who thought his patient was being poisoned could be said to have a (9,9) _________  _________

  4. The detective who, like this sweet wine, was known as the (8,6) _______ _______

  5. When the criminal left traces of an adhesive at the scene, it was known as the (4,4) ________ ____________

  6. When the captain’s second in command seemed suspicious, the detective chose to (11(the) ,5,4) ________ (the) _________

  7. A murder next to a body of water (8,8)   ________  _________

  8. A person who wants to be an investigator (11,9) ________ _________

Answers- Grandma’s Grammar

  1. Definite (remember it has an “in” and an “it “ in it.

  2. Nuptials

  3. One and the same

  4. Palette, palate

  5. Parliament

  6. Filipinos

  7. Democrat

  8. Doctoral

  9. espresso

  10. exactly the same


Crime Rhymes

  1. might indict

  2. watermelon felon

  3. physician suspicion

  4. vermouth sleuth

  5. glue clue

  6. investigate the first mate

  7. lakeside homicide

  8. prospective detective