Brain Exercises – October 12

Letter Play – Complete each word below by filling in the missing letter.  Then, unscramble those letters to form the eight-letter word indicated by the given clue.  This game can be challenging.  Many of the words below can be completed with more than one letter, but only one will work to form the correct eight-letter word.

  1. COU __ T

  2. __ENDER

  3. __INGER

  4. TR__CK

  5. F__RES

  6. G__ANT

  7. __INER

  8. S__MPLE

Clue – Well acquainted with a person or thing

Think Sideways

Try to puzzle out each of these situations

  1. The long and short of it: Two brothers, both of whom were very short, used to leave the key to their apartment on the top of the door frame.  Whenever they had to put it up or take it down, Alf always stood on the shoulders of Bert, even though Bert was smaller.   This hardly seems fair.  So why did they do it that way?

        2.This way to the exit: A group of people at New Year’s Day concert in 1900 couldn’t get out of the concert hall doors.  The doors were not locked and opened easily.  Nor were they too small.  After all, the crowd had entered by them.  What was the difficulty?

  1. Losing Your Head: A man’s head traveled about 30 ft. more than his feet, yet he was unharmed. How was this possible?

  2. Sibling Rivalry: The James twins are always quarreling. In the end, their mother gets them to stand freely on the same sheet of newspaper in such a way that they can just about see each other but can’t possible touch each other.   How is this done?


Letter Play

  1. Court

  2. Lender

  3. Finger

  4. Trick

  5. Fares

  6. `giant

  7. Miner

  8. Sample

Answer : familiar

Think Sideways

  1. They did this because Alf  had longer arms than Bert and so could reach higher when standing on the shorter brother’s shoulders than the short- armed brother could have reached if he were to stand on the taller brother’s shoulders.

  2. The doors opened inward. The people panicked and pressed against the doors so that they effectively prevented themselves from opening them.  Regulations now-a-days specify that doors in public places must open outwards to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

  3. He was a break dancer whose head moved around the floor in a larger circle than his feet. There is theoretically no limit to how far your head can move farther than your feet.  There would be a problem , of course, if it did so in the same straight line.

The sheet of newspaper is slid under a door and the   twins stand on the paper on either side of the door.  They can see each other thro