Brain Exercises – October 19

Trivia: 1974

1. Which television show premiered in 1974 and opened each week with an answering machine playing a different message? 
     The Rockford Files, Mission Impossible, Mannix, Marcus Welby, MD

2. Who passed away in 1974 after authoring a few books, including one called We?

   Otto Kruger, Tex Ritter, Charles Lindbergh, Walter Brennan

3. On March 2, 1974, the US  First Class postal rate rose again (as it had three years before).  What was the new rate? 

     Eight cents, ten cents, twelve cents, thirteen cents

4. In what city did Hammerin’ Hank Aaron hit his 715 hone run on April 8,1974, breaking Babe Ruth’s record for most career homers?

     Los Angeles, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Atlanta

5. Produced by Francis Ford Coppola, what Academy Award winning film (Best Picture) was released in 1974?  

     The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, American Graffiti, The Conversation

Trivia: 1972

  1. In 1972, the Soviet spacecraft Venus 8 made a soft landing on what planet?

         Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

  1. In April, 1972, Bobby Fischer became the first American to win the world chess title after winning a match in Reykjavik against what Russian grandmaster?

         Boris Spassky, Paul Keres, Leonid Stein, Garry Kasparov

  1. In April 1972, what company unveiled the SX-70 system, in which a color photograph

           developed outside the camera while the photographer watched?

           Kodak, Minolta, Fuji, Polaroid

  1. A dog named Boots was the mascot for the team on what Jack Webb TV production, which made its debut in 1972 and was on air for five seasons?

         The Rookies, Adam-`12, Emergency, Dragnet

  1. What company was founded in Memphis in 1972 by Frederick W. Smith, whose father built the Greyhound bus system?

         US Air, Federal Express, Kinko’s Copies, Smith-Corona


  1. Rearrange the letters in the phrase BRACED DELIS to spell something sandwich shops need to prepare for the lunch rush.

  2. Rearrange the letters in the phrase HE HOGGED THE COINS to spell a video game that was actually more into rings than coins

  3. Rearrange the letters in the phrase CHAPS LIKE to spell a snack that old chaps of the vegan persuasion are really into

  4. Rearrange the letters in the phrase GO FEEL GOURMET to spell a really big breakfast

  5. Rearrange the letters in the phrase STUNS JAILOR to spell the name of a group of people who ask a lot of tough questions


Trivia 1974

  1. The Rockford Files

  2. Charles Lindbergh

  3. Ten cents

  4. Atlanta

  5. The Godfather, Part II

              Trivia 1972

  1. Venus

  2. Boris Spassky

  3. Polaroid

  4. Emergency!

  5. Federal Express



1. Sliced Bread

2. Sonic the Hedgehog

3. Kale Chips

4. Four-egg Omelet

5. Journalists