Brain Exercises – October 5

The Ways of the Nation

  1. Who was the first secretary of the US nation?

  2. Which of the Founding Fathers observed wryly,” Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead”?

  3. Who was the first American to be declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church?

  4. What recent US President affirmed, “ You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jelly beans.”

  5. Who wrote the book upon which Breakfast at Tiffany’s is based?

  6. Which trio of folk singers protested the Vietnam War with the song, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

  7. What was the largest single acquisition of new territory by the United States after the Revolutionary War?

  8. What Pacific island territory was annexed during the Mckinley administration?

  9. What civil rights issue was resolved by the passage of the 19 Amendment to the Constitution in 1920?

  10. Where was the US battleship Maine blown up in 1898, touching off the Spanish-American War?

Anagrams – The letters in each word in this list can be rearranged in multiple ways to form other words. The original word and the number of anagrams possible are listed. You must use all the letters in the word each time.

  1. Carets (6 anagrams)

  2. Parleys (4)

  3. Recused (4)

  4. Rickets (2)

  5. Spotter (2)

  6. Bluest (3)

  7. Carnet (4)

  8. Parsed (4)


The Ways of the Nation

  1. Alexander Hamilton

  2. Benjamin Franklin in Poor Richard’s Almanac

  3. Elizabeth Bayley Seton, who founded the Sisters of Charity in 1813

  4. Ronald Reagan, starting a jelly bean craze

  5. Truman Capote

  6. Peter, Paul and Mary

  7. The Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803 which, at 828,000 square miles , doubled the size of the nation

  8. Hawaii

  9. Women’s right to vote

  10. Havana, Cuba


     1. Carets, Caster, Caters, Crates, Reacts, Recast, Traces

  1. parleys, parsley, players, replays, sparely

     3. Recused, reduces, rescued, secured, seducer

  1. Rickets, sticker, tickers

  2. Spotter, potters, protest

  3. Bluest, bustle, sublet, subtle

  4. Carnet, canter, nectar, recant, trance

  5. Parsed, drapes, rasped, spared, spread