Brain Exercises -September 14

Cars– From Audi to Zephys, can you come up with the names of automobile makes or models that start with each letter of the alphabet?  Try it in  three minutes!

Some Problems with Crazy English– nothing to answer here, but hopefully some points to keep your brain sharp.

 -We took a non-stop flight   = Hopefully not. Never get on one of those. You’ll never get down!

I could care less! = Why do so many people leave the negative out?  Doesn’t “I couldn’t care less” make much more sense?

A hot-water heater = Why heat hot water?

A hot cup of coffee = Who cares if the cup is hot?  Surely you mean “a cup of hot coffee”?

A one -night stand = So who’s standing???
A doughnut hole = Aren’t these little treats really  doughnut balls?  The holes are what’s left in the original doughnut

Watch your head! = I keep seeing this sign on low doorways, but I haven’t figured out how to follow the instructions.  Trying to watch your head is like trying to bite your teeth.

Put your best foot forward = We have a good foot, a better foot, but we don’t have a third – and best – foot.  It’s our better foot that we put forward.  “Put your best foot forward” is like “May the best team win.”  Usually there are only two teams in the contest .

They’re head over heels in love = That’s nice, but we do almost everything “head over heels.”  If we are trying to create an image of people doing cartwheels, why don’t we say, “They’re heels over head in love”?

–  I’m speaking tongue in cheek = So how can anyone understand you?

They did it ass backwards = What’s wrong with that?  How else are they supposed to do it?








A: Audi, Accord         B : BMW, Buick              C:Chevrolet, Cadillac

D : Dodge, Dusenberg             E: Explorer, Escort     F : Ford, Fiat

G : GMC. GTO              H : Honda , Hyundai                I  : Isuzu, Infinity

J : Jaguar, Jeep      K : Kia, Karmann Ghia        L : Lincoln, Lamborghini

M : Mercedes, Mazda      N: Nissan, Nova      O : Oldsmobile, Odyssey

P : Pontiac, Prius     Q:  none       R : Rolls Royce, Renault

S : Subaru, Saab      T : Taurus, Toyota     U : Uno (Fiat)

V : Volkswagen, Volvo     W : Wagoneer, Wrangler

X : none    Y : Yaris    Z : Zephyr, Z (Datsun)