Open the Dialogue

Open the Dialogue: A Substance Abuse Awareness Series

Part 2: Exploring the Effects of Substance Abuse on Our Families & Our Children

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This series is dedicated to opening the dialogue concerning the drug epidemic that is plaguing our communities. Open the Dialogue’s mission is to facilitate a dialogue among caretakers with children in grades 5-12 and beyond. Our hope is that through this four part series, our communities can begin to eliminate the stigma that is the hallmark of this national emergency. Perceived stigma is a major barrier to seeking help (National Association of Drug Court Professionals, 2016). We don’t have all of the answers, but opening the dialogue is the key to eliminating the stigma surrounding substance misuse and finding the answers to end the drug epidemic in our communities.

Part 2 explores the effects of substance abuse on our families and our children. The evening’s panelists are Scott Constantini, Director of Behavioral Health, The Wright Center; Michael Barrasse, Lackawanna County President Judge; Suzanne Jaffe;  Bill Dempsey, M.D.; Tom DePietro, Pharm. D.;  and Shane Scanlon, J.D. 

“Only with collaboration among law enforcement, the medical community, school districts, treatment facilities, neighborhood groups and everyday citizens will we be able to make an impact.”
– Shane Scanlon, J.D.

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