Brain Exercises Nov. 3

Think About It– Scientists have identified the “oops” center of the human brain.  There is a specific region of the brain that reacts when you realize you have made a mistake.


Change just one letter on each word to go from the beginning to the end of the line.  Do not change the order of the letters. You must have a common English word at each step.

    1. SWEAT       _______      _________           _______(see through)         _______            STEEP

     2. MANOR         _________          ___________          _________(someone who likes to keep his  wallet tightly shut)          __________         WIPER

    3. IOTA _________ (roster)         _________          _________   (the speed at which something occurs)           _________        _______(ashen)        _________           BALL

    4. MEET  _________      _________(be in front of)         _________           _________ (it’ll eat almost anything)      _________           TOAD

    5. PLANT _________         _________(empty)          ________            _________            _________(seawater)             BRIDE

    6. SANDY _________      _________ (kids love it)          _________          DADDY

    7. RIVET  _________          _________(a classic dog’s name)     _________          _________(a structure used to support growing plants)           _________          TOWEL

   8. BADGER _________         _________(Macbeth thought he saw one)         _________        _________(where baby Jesus slept)     _________        BANNER


Grunela loved granola but hated all the unnatural ingredients and artificial preservatives the big cereal companies put into their commercial granolas, so she decided to buy wholesome all-natural ingredients and make her own. Grunela went to the health food store and saw that oats cost 36 cents per ounce, raisins cost 43 cents per ounce, and almonds cost 45 cents per ounce. She bought enough of each to make a pound (16 ounces) of homemade granola. She noticed when she checked out that the total price of the ingredients meant her homemade granola would cost a reasonable 39 cents an ounce. How many ounces each of oats, raisins, and almonds did Grunela buy?



      1. Sweat, sweet, sheet, sheer, steer, steep

      2. Manor, minor, miner, miser, wiser, wiper

      3. Iota, rota, rote, rate, pate, pale, pall, ball

      4. Meet, meat, beat, boat, goat, goad, toad

      5. Plant, plank, blank, blink, brink, brine, bride

      6. Sandy, dandy, candy, caddy, daddy

      7. Rivet, river, rover, rower, bower, bowed, towel

      8. Badger, bagger, dagger, danger, manger, manner, banner


39 cents per ounce means a pound costs $6.24. 

Oats: 10 ounces ($3.60)

Raisins : 3 ounces ($1.29)

Almonds : 3 ounces ($1.35)