A mixture of brain exercises

  1. A riddle

What “room” has no door, no windows, no floor, and no roof ?

  1. A policeman watched a taxi driver go down a one-way street the wrong way, pass a stop sign without stopping, and take a left turn in front of a no left turn sigh, but he just let him go. Why?

  2. Presidential Anagrams:

Unscramble these anagrams and you’ll reveal the names of some US Presidents:

  1. Oh rot verb here

  2. He bugs Gore

  3. China Born Llama

  4. Jenny honked

  5. Ma A Kabob Car

  6. Hog Growing Senate

  1. Military Intelligence:

All of the answers in this game are words and phrases that include a military rank:

  1. Peter Pan’s nemesis

  2. Freelance crime solver

  3. Spanking or paddling, for example

  4. Wording you might find on a “No Trespassing” sign

  5. One of the four key professional sports leagues in North America

  6. Nautical breakfast cereal

  7. Food company that includes brands such as Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, and many more

  1. Genius Logic (this one really got me!)

Al Gibra wants to attend a meeting of the super-exclusive Mathematical Genius Club, but he doesn’t know the secret password that would get him past the bouncer who looks like a really buff Albert Einstein. Al decided to hide behind some bushes and see if he could figure out the secret admission code. A wild-haired man approached the door. The doorman said, “ What is the square root  of sixteen?”  “Seven,” replied the man , and the  bouncer let him in. Al was confused. How could a genius give the wrong answer and still get in?  A man in a white lab coat was next.  The doorman asked him, “Seven goes into seven hundred how many times?”  “Eight,” replied the man, and the doorman let him in.  Al was shocked.  A woman carrying a tiny computer walked up. The doorman said, “Two plus two.”  “Three,” replied the woman , and the doorman let her in.  The meeting was about to start, and Al still didn’t know the code. He decided to take a chance and walked up to the door.  The doorman said, “Five squared.” Al  replied, “Twenty-five.”  “Wrong!” yelled the doorman and shooed Al away. What answer should Al have given that would have allowed him admittance into the Mathematical Geniuses Club?






  1. Mushroom

  2. The taxi driver was walking

  3. A. Herbert Hoover    B. George Bush    C. Abraham Lincoln     D. John Kennedy    E. Barack Obama      F. George Washington

  4. A. Captain Hook    B. Private detective     C. Corporal punishment                  D. Private property     E. Major League Baseball    F. Cap’n Crunch          
    G. General Mills

    5.  The secret code was to reply to the doorman with the number of words he said to you.