Trivia on the Brain

In most adults, the language center of the brain is in the left hemisphere.  But babies up to a year old respond to language with their entire brain, allowing them to acquire language skills at an impressive rate.

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word phrase.  For example, “listen” is an anagram for “silent” and “a gentleman” is an anagram for “elegant man.”

  1. Medical anagram

The doctor prescribed a _________ to settle down any strange, high-strung patient who _________from the proscribed rules of behavior.

  1. Ohio anagram

The joyriders ________around __________, Ohio, and watched as stores were __________ during the riot.

  1. Out of the World anagram

The fiery _________hurtled through the sky before crashing to earth in a ______, uninhabited part of Tajikistan.

  1. Marital anagram

At the double wedding, the two ________ of honor entered the church by passing underneath the rectangular, stained-glass ________window built above the twin doors.

  1. Witty anagram

Although it might seem like an unusual source of joy, writing witty ___________ for tombstones was what made Mortica the _________woman alive.

Anagram answers:

  1. Sedative, deviates

  2. Tooled, Toledo, looted

  3. Meteor, remote

  4. Matrons, transom

  5. Epitaphs, happiest