Brain exercise for the week of Sept. 15

First, some things to think about…(just a little word play)

  1. What’s the definition of a will?

  2. What’s the difference between democracy and feudalism?

  3. What happens if you don’t pay your exorcist?

  4. What happened to the man who fell into an upholstery machine?

  5. Why can’t a bicycle stand alone?


Now, some Wacky-Knackies

A Wacky-Knacky is a pair of rhyming words. For example, a short piece of green foliage could be called a “brief leaf,” a bashful insect could be called a “shy fly,” and a sizeable flat boat is a “large barge.” Try to think of one or more pair of rhyming words to fit these descriptions. There will be a list of answers, but you may create some of your own. Please send any that you think up to We will share them.

  1. An undercover man with a dry sense of humor is a _________    _______

  2.  A bloody, awful tale is a ________ _________

  1. A bitter bloom is a ________ ________

  2. A plentiful spring located on a hill is a ________ __________

  3. A really great group of ships is a _______ _______

  4. A highly zealous fellow interested in plays is a ____________ __________

  5. A rather stupid sea bird is a _______ ________

  6. A clever, wise-cracking cat is a ________ _______

  7. A sick elephant is a _________ _________

  8. A smoky, overcast swamp is a ________ _______

  9. An improved hunting dog is a _______ ________

  10. An inexperienced legume is a ______ _______

  11. Sugared grain is ________ _________

  12. A lethargic blossom is a _______ _______

  13. (three rhyming in a row for the grand finale) A very large, white African animal who drinks too much fermented spirits is an ________ _________  ________





  1. It’s a “dead giveway.”

  2. In democracy, it’s your vote that counts. In feudalism, it’s your count that votes.

  3. You get repossessed.

  4. He is fully recovered.

  5. It’s two-tired.


  1. Dry spy or wry spy

  2. Gory story

  3. Sour flower

  4. Mountain fountain, hill rill, swell well

  5. Neat fleet

  6. Dramatic addict, dramatic fanatic

  7. Dull gull

  8. Witty kitty

  9. Germy pachydermy, infirm pachyderm

  10. Smog bog

  11. Better setter

  12. Green bean, wee pea

  13. Sweet wheat

  14. Bud dud , lazy daisy

  15. Albino rhino wino