Brain Exercise – Jan. 19

Semordnilap…. Try to think of a word that spells a different word forward and backward, such as “faced” and “decaf.”

    1. Forward, it’s a prevaricator; backward, it’s what a train moves on

    2. Forward, it’s an insect; backward it’s the astronauts’ beverage

    3. Forward, they’re a part of the mouth; backward, it means self-satisfied or conceited

    4. Forward, it’s a group of Apple computers; backward, it’s fraud or a dishonest scheme

    5. Forward, it was a Russian space station; backward, it’s the edge of a basketball hoop.

    6. Forward, they’re sharpeners for straight razors; backward, they include baseball, luge, and diving.

7. Forward, they’re the noises little dogs make; backward, it’s the process of removing reproductive organs of a dog or cat.

8. Forward, it’s an archaic term for a poet; backward, it means dull, colorless, or uninteresting

9. Forward, it’s a wanderer or desert traveler; backward, it’s the last name of the actor who played the title role in Good Will Hunting

10. Forward, it’s exemplified by Betelgeuse or the Sun; backward, they’re rodents

11. Forward, its’ a one-mast sailboat; backward, they’re places to swim

How Much is….?

  1. How much is the temperature at which water freezes (F) plus the temperature at which water boils (Celsius)?

  2. How much is the year that Pearl Harbor was attacked plus the year that Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency?

  3. How much is the number of letters in the English alphabet plus the highest possible score in a string of tenpin bowling?

  4. How much is two score plus two dozen?

  5. How much is the number of strings on a typical banjo plus your height in inches if you are 6’3”?

  6. How much is the number of degrees in an circle plus the number of angles in a rectangle?

  7. How much is the Downing Street address of the British prime minister plus the Manhattan street where the “Christmas Miracle” occurred in the 1947 film starring Natalie Wood?

  8. How much is the number of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency plus the number of Ronald Regan’s presidency?

  9. How much is the number of John F. Kennedy’s PT boat in WWII plus the number of ounces in a pound weight?

  10. How much is the number of Heinz varieties plus the number that corresponds to the letter PQRS on a standard telephone?

Semordnilap answers

  1. Liar/rail

     2. Gnat/ Tang

     3. Gums/ smug

  1. Macs/scam

  2. Mir/rim

  3. Strops/ sports

     7. Yaps/spay

  1. Bard/drab

     9. Nomad/Damon

  1. Star/rats

   11. Sloop/pools

How Much is….?   Answers

  1. 32 +100 =132

  2. 1941 +1974 = 3915

  3. 26 + 300 = 326

  4. 40 + 24 = 64

  5. 4 + 75 = 79

  6. 360+ 4 = 364

  7. 10 + 34 = 44

  8. 16 + 40= 56

  9. 109 +16 = 125

  10. 57 + 7 = 64