Brain Exercise – June 29

Greek and Roman Gods

Let’s see if you remember any of the Greek gods, plus the Roman counterpart. Some of their “jobs” are listed, but most of these Olympians had many different roles.

  1. Head of the Greek Gods _________________ Roman gods_____________

  2. Queen of the Greek Gods_________________ Roman Gods____________

  3. God of the sea, horses and earthquakes _______________ Roman________

  4. Ruler of the Underworld __________________Roman___________

  5. Goddess of love and beauty _______________Roman ___________

  6. God of war _________________Roman ___________

  7. Goddess of reason, wisdom, war_____________ Roman ________-

  8. God of wine, ritual madness _____________Roman _________

  9. Messenger god and god of livestock, thieves, luck ________Roman _________

  10. Goddess of agriculture ________________Roman____________


  1. 58 teams are entered in a single-elimination soccer tournament. How many matches must be scheduled?

  2. Can you work out what number can be added to both 170 and 30 so that the resultant sums have a ratio of 3:1?

  3. I have a friend who became a professional magician more that 45 years ago, shortly after the birth of his son. He told me recently that his age and the age of his son are numerically reversed.  If he is 27 years older than his son, how old are they?

  4. On every birthday since I was born I have had a cake decorated with the appropriate number of candles. I have blown out 210    How old am I?

  5. In a reading room at a library, there are several three-legged stools and four-legged chairs, and they are all occupied. If you count 39 legs in the room, is it possible to figure out how many stools, chairs and people there are?

Word Ladder – Change just one letter in each blank from left word to the right.  Do not change the order of the letters.

  1. RHYME _________    _________(add an “s” for a London river)         _________

_________(Bond preferred it if the bartender did this to his martini)       _________     _________     STALL

  1. GRIME _________    ___________      _________(thick and messy liquid)  

_________         _________         ___________           SWIPE

  1. CLUSTER _________         _________ (a workman employed to use explosives)          _________              ____________            PLANTER

  1. GREAT __________ (snack)   _________         _____________ ___________(a domesticated subspecies)     _________   GREET

Answers – Greek Gods

  1. Zeus and Jupiter

  2. Hera and Juno

  3. Poseidon and Neptune

  4. Hades and Pluto

  5. Aphrodite and Venus

  6. Ares and Mars

  7. Athena and Minerva

  8. Dionysius and Bacchus

  9. Hermes and Mercury

  10. Demeter and Ceres


  1. In a single-elimination tournament, one team is knocked out in each match. So if there are 58 teams and one champion, then 57 teams must be eliminated over the course of the tournament.  Therefore, 57 matches must be played. 

  2. Add 40 to both

  3. The possible answers are 52 and 25, 63 and 36, 74 and 47,85 and 58, or 96 and 69. But the ages that match up with how long my friend has been practicing magic are 74 and 47.

  4. The answer is 20 years old because 210 is the twentieth triangular number equal to the sum of all the numbers from 1 to 20.

  5. There is a unique solution: you have to remember that every leg is counted- stool legs, chair legs and people legs.  Thus, for every occupied stool, there are five legs (3 stool legs and two people legs).  And every occupied chair counts for 6 legs.  So 5 X (number of stools) + 6 X (number of chairs) = 39.  From that it is easy to work out that there are 3 stools, 4 chairs and 7 people. 

Word Ladders

  1. RHYME, thyme, Thame, shame, shake, stake, stale, STALL

  2. GRIME, crime, clime, slime, slide, snide, snipe, SWIPE

  3. CLUSTER, bluster, blaster, plaster, platter, PLANTER