Brain Exercise – June 8

Double Trouble

Can you find one word that precedes each list of words to make a common two-word phrase or compound word?  For example, that one word that completes “weed, coast, and sick” is

  1. Mine, rush, standard

  2. Cocktail, salad, cake

  3. Line, house, cord, tools

  4. Box, lace, shine

  5. Brush, horse, line, pin

  6. Book, up, mate, mark

  7. Bug, spread, rock, pan

  8. Flower, shine, burn

  9. Cap, club, gown

  10. Shoulder, turkey, cream, sweat

Odd Man Out

All of the items in each list have something in common – with one exception.  Your job is to find which item doesn’t fit and to explain why it is the “odd man out.”

1.Snap, string, Finger, wax

2.Drof, Yellort, Adnob, Ovlov

  1. Simon, Wilson, Newman, Hogan

  2. Marriot, Greek, Garden, Potato

  3. Pound, pencil, coffee, fruit

  4. Platypus, dodo, dinosaur, passenger pigeon

7.Arial, telegraph, courier, Geneva

  1. Golden Gate Bridge, The Alamo, Hearst Castle, Death Valley

Vowel States

How many of the twelve states that being with a vowel can you name in one minute?









Double Trouble

  1. Gold

  2. Fruit

  3. Power

  4. Shoe

  5. Clothes

  6. Check

  7. Bed

  8. Sun

  9. Night

  10. Cold

Odd Man Out

  1. All of the others are kinds of beans

  2. Is spells “trolley” backwards.  All the rest spell the name of car manufacturers backward

  3. All the others are people whose first name is Paul

  4. The others are names of salads

  5. All of the others are types of cake.

  6. All the others are extinct.

  7. The others are typefaces (fonts).

  8. The Alamo. The others are in California.

Vowel States

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah