Brain exercise – March 15, 2021


A hinky pinky is a two- or three-word phrase in which the words rhyme.  Example: A prosperous sorceress is a rich witch.  See if you can come up with Hinky-pinkies for these descriptions:

  1. A peculiar looking goatee

  2. A flounder’s hope

  3. Onassis’s tan pants

  4. Parsimonious wool producers

  5. An intelligent painting

  6. Square container for smoked salmon

  7. A “how to” book for felons

  8. A boring pituitary

  9. The center violin

  10. A dreadful breakfast cake


Cryptograms are messages in substitution code.  Break the code to read the message.  The code is different for each cryptogram

  1. F J C C M B L     H     D B L G L K     JA     O E K     B D H N B I H O B J I.

  1. H C B G D K I H    H C L J M      F E D A H      P L I H F N B I      L J      H C B

N L H O C B J     L I     H C F H    R D A    A I A F S S R    C F T B    H D    B F H    H C B P.

  1. H B G’A I B D C L A     A E F A    F J J D L K M F AM B G    M N    F R O F P N    F J J D L K M F A L H

Hinky Pinky answers

  1. Weird Beard

  2. Fish wish

  3. Jackie’s khakis

  4. Cheap sheep

  5. Smart art

  6. Lox box

  7. Crook book

  8. Bland gland

  9. Middle fiddle

  10. Awful waffle

Crypto-Wisdom Answers

  1. Worry is a misuse of the imagination.

  2. The worst thing about mistakes in the kitchen is that you usually have to eat them.

  3. Don’t forget that appreciation is always appreciated.