Brain Exercise – March 23, 2021

Pennsylvania Pride

We all know that our state is called the Keystone State, as it was the center of keystone in the 13 colonies. PA is also known as the Quaker State, State of Independence, and the Coal State.   Let’s see what you know about the other official symbols of our state.

Do you know the official

1.State bird?                                       2.State Tree?                                      3.State flower?

4.State animal ?                                  5. State dog?                                       6.State fish?

7.State insect? (yes, we have an OFFICIAL state insect)                                 8.State beverage?

9.State plant?                                     10. State cookie?                                11. State motto?

Symbol Sums

The sums of five combinations of symbols have been provided.   What is the value of each individual symbol?

&   plus     &   plus  *  plus    #  = 27

#    *    %     &    = 32

%    @     #    #   = 54

%    %    @    &   = 57

@    @    *    #   = 73

Pennsylvania Pride answers

  1. Ruffed Grouse

  2. Eastern Hemlock (some in state are over 800 years old)

  3. Mountain Laurel

  4. White tailed deer (these deer are the official state animal in 11 states)

  5. Great Dane (used as a hunter in William Penn’s time)

  6. Brook Trout

  7. PA firefly lightning bug

  8. Milk (Some might argue for a different beverage)

  9. Penngift Crown Vetch

  10. There are two answers: chocolate chip and sugar. It’s still a debate. In 1996, a group of 4th grade students in PA initiated efforts to sponsor a resolution designating the chocolate chip cookie as the official state cookie of PA.  However, the legislation to adopt a state cookie has been held up for several years as lawmakers struggle between the chocolate chip, the Nazareth sugar cookie (House bill 219) and the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (House bill 2479).  Senate bill 320 was introduced in 2003-2004 session to  point out the “steadfast and loyal devotion of the citizens of Pa  to the chocolate chip cookie.”  I will continue my “steadfast and loyal devotion” to the all three cookies until the legislature finally acts to name an official PA State cookie.

  11. Virtue, Liberty, Independence

Symbol Sums Answers

@ = 29

& =6

% =11

 *         =8

#  = 7