Brain Exercise – May 14

Pun and Riddle Fun (thanks from Reader’s Digest)

  1. What do you call a wolf who works as a lumberjack?

  2. Where do werewolves store their things?

  3. What is a wolf’s favorite time of year?

  4. How do wolves eat their food?

  5. What do you call a wolf with a fever?

  6. What do you call a cold wolf?

  7. What do you call a cow that “cried wolf”?

  8. What happens when you cross a wolf with a sheep?

  9. Why didn’t the wolf run in the marathon?

  10. What do you call a wolf that knows it’s a wolf?

  11. What do you call a wolf that uses bad language?

  12. What do you call an imaginary pig?

  13. What do pigs use for soap?

Math Teasers – (I admire anyone who can do these!)

  1. The number 7 is a prime number followed by a cube. Is there any other number sharing the same quality? 

  2. Can you find the smallest positive number such that if you shuffle the digits of the number in a particular order, the shuffled number becomes twice the original number.

3.I am thinking of a 6-digit number. The sum of the digits is 43. 
And only two of the following three statements about the number are true: 

(1) it’s a square number,
(2) it’s a cube number, and
(3) the number is under 500000.

4. Can you get total of 720 by using six zeros 0,0,0,0,0,0 and any maths operators.

  1. Use three 9’s in a mathematical expression such that it forms the number one. You are not allowed to divide or multiply them.

Pun and Riddle Answers

  1. A timber wolf

  2. In a werehouse

  3. The Howl-a-days

  4. They wolf it down

  5. A hot dog

  6. A chili dog

  7. It was Fake Moos

  8. You have to get a new sheep

  9. He wasn’t part of the human race

  10. An Aware-wolf

  11. A Swear-wolf

  12. A pigment of your imagination

  13. Hogwash

Math Answers

1. No

  1. 125874 => 251748

    251748 is twice the 125874 and have same digits 1,2,4,5,7 & 8

  2. Only Statements 1 and 3 are true. the number is 499849. 

    7072 = 499849 

    499849 < 500000

  1. 720




    =6! is 6*5*4*3*2*1=720

  1. Yes We can do it.