Brain Exercise – May 17

Analogies – Each of these analogies is set up in the form A:B::C:D or A is to B as C is to D. One of the terms will be missing in each, so select the option that best completes the analogy.

  1. Cat: Siamese :: ________: Dog (animal, boxer, angora, pedigree

  2. Proton: Atom:: Dial:___________(numeral, watch, band, time)

  3. _____: Deciduous::Spruce: Evergreen (tree, hemlock, maple, trunk)

  4. Hit : hit::Talk:______(speak, lecture, talked, silent)

  5. _______: Napoleon Bonaparte:: England: Sigmund Freud (France, Russia, Italy, St. Helena)

  6. _______: Pharynx:: Windpipe: Trachea (stomach, throat, lung, gullet)

  7. Deer: Deer :: Ox: _______( oxen, oxes, oxae, oxena)

  8. Happy : Glad :: Dull: ________ (razor, blunt, sharp, bright)

  9. Lettuce: Cabbage :: Pear : ________ (fruit, peach, radish, carrot )

  10. Pat: Tap :: Rat : _______ (trap, skunk, tar, eat )

Put the List in Order – Put each list of four or five items in order called for in the question.

  1. Put this list of Oscar winning films in order of when they premiered, starting with the earliest

On the Waterfront, Gone with the Wind, It Happened One Night, Casablanca, Ben-Hur


  1. Put this list of animals in order of their everage life span, starting with the longest:

Alligator, giant tortoise, parrot, horse

  1. Put this list of “math” problems in order, starting with the smallest number

Months in a decade, days in a fortnight, the number of minutes in four hours, weeks in two years

4. Put this list of US Presidents in order by their height, starting with the tallest:

Richard Nixon, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter

5. Put the following planets in order of their size, starting with the largest:

Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Earth, Mercury

Brain Exercises : Answers

  1. Animal (Siamese is a kind of car and dog is a kind of animal)

  2. Watch (proton is a part of an atom and dial is a part of a watch)

  3. Maple (maple is deciduous and spruce is an evergreen)

  4. Talked (past tense of both verbs)

  5. Helena (Freud died in England and Napoleon died on St. Helena) -this one was listed as Difficult

  6. Throat (The throat is the pharynx and the trachea is the windpipe)

  7. Oxen (plurals)

  8. Blunt (similar meanings- Happy = glad and dull = blunt)

  9. Peach )lettuce and cabbage are vegetables, peach and pear are fruits)

  10. Tar (spell the words backwards)

Put the List in Order

  1. It Happened One Night (1934), Gone with the Wind (1939)Casablanca (1943) On the Waterfront (1954), Ben-Hur (1959)

  2. Giant tortoise (150 years), Parrot (75 years), Alligator (50 years), horse (30 years)

  3. Days in a fortnight (14), weeks in two years (104), months is a decade (120), The number of minutes in four hours (240)

  4. LBJ (6’4), Jefferson (6’2 ½), Reagan (6’1 ), Nixon (5’ 11 ½ ) Carter (5’ 91/2 )

  5. Jupiter (88,856 miles in diameter), Saturn (74,898 miles in diameter), Earth (7,953 miles in diameter ), Mars (4,225 miles in diameter) Mercury (3044 miles in diameter)