Brain Exercise – May 25


Use that spell check between your ears to determine which is correct:

  1. We can accommodate or accomodate or acommodate 50 people on the bus.

  2. Try not to embarass, embarrass, embaras your children.

  3. Is Shep an all-round or all-around good doctor?

  4. Is coffee Indispensible or indispensable for many in the morning?

  5. Did you visit the Arctic or Artic?

  6. Does that gift Fullfil, fulfill, fulfil your wishes?

  7. Did they stage a Guerrila war or guerila war or guerilla war?

  8. Did a flash of lightening or lightning light up the sky?

  9. Is a deer tick miniscule or minuscule?

  10. Do you want to avoid a straitjacket or a straightjacket?

  11. Was the older woman very strait laced or straight laced?

  12. Was the air on top of the mountain rarefied or rarified?

  13. Did the book include a memento or momento of the author’s travels?


  1. Ahme’s Puzzle – Seven houses each have seven cats. Each cat kills seven mice. Each of the mice, if alive, would have eaten seven ears of wheat. Each ear of wheat produces seven measures of flour. How many measures of flour were saved by the cats?

  2. If you draw the lucky ticket, you win the lottery jackpot. You are given the option to draw one ticket out of a box of 10, or draw ten times out of a box of 100.  Which choice gives the better odds?

  3. A soldier needs to store his 70 centimeter-long sword, but the only chest available measures 40 centimeters long, 30 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters high. Will the Sword fit into the chest?

  4. A frog falls into the bottom of a 20-meter well. In its struggles to get out, the frog advances 3 meters up the slimly walls of the well; during the night when it rests, the frog slips back 2 meters.  How m any days will it take for the frog to escape?

  5. If five apple pickers can pick five apples in five seconds, how many apple pickers would it take to pick sixty apples in a minute?

Spelling answers

  1. Accommodate

  2. Embarrass

  3. All-around

  4. Indispensable

  5. Arctic

  6. Fulfill

  7. Guerrilla

  8. Lightning

  9. Minuscule (think of “minus”)

  10. Straitjacket

  11. Straitlaced (or strait-laced, but modern usage also allows straight laced)

  12. Rarefied (think of “rare”)

  13. Memento (think of “memory”) (yes, the other spelling is becoming acceptable)

Puzzle Answers

1.16,807 measures of flour.  That’s 7x7x7x7x7.This puzzle , which comes from the ancient Egyptian “Rhind Papyrus,” was written by the scribe Ahmes in 1850 BCE. Perhaps the world’s oldest puzzle, it has inspired a great many variations over the thousands of years since its creation

  1. The choices offer identical odds. But in a psychological experiment, about 4 in 10 preferred the single draw and hold to this view even when the other choice was altered to provide 50 draws from the box of 100

  2. This solution uses the Pythagorean theorem (the square of the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle equals the sum of the squares of the lengths of the two sides) to calculate the length from the lower front left-hand corner of the chest to the upper back right-hand corner. First the diagonal of the base is determined to be 50 centimeters; then that length and height of the chest can be used to calculate the maximum length through the box. That turns out to be 70.7 centimeters – just long enough for the sword to fit.

    Or, open the chest and stick the darn sword in. See if it fits!

  1. The frog advances one meter a day. After 17 full days, the frog is 3 meters from the exit. The frog escapes on the 18th day.

5. Just 5.The same pickers who can pick five apples in five seconds can pick sixty apples in sixty seconds;  they average an apple a