Brain Exercises -April 20

Prize Poetry

In the prize poetry competition, the judges have mixed up all their information for the prize-giving.  Each item is in the correct column, but only 1 item in each column is correctly positioned.  Can you give the candidates’ correct name, surname, state of origin, and poem title for each position?

    NAME                             SURNAME               STATE                         POEM

  1. Andrea                      Grimble                   Montana                    Sunrise

  2. Betty                          Horse                      Nebraska                   Tolerance

  3. Colin                           Irvine                      Ohio                           Umbrella

  4. Daisy                          Jackson                  Pennsylvania              Vanity

  5. Erwin                          Keats                       Iowa                            Waterfall

  6. Francis                       Lee                          Colorado                     Expectancy

1. Daisy is 1 place above Lee.

2. Tolerance is 1 place below Horse but 1 above Colin.

  1. Pennsylvania is 2 places below Betty but 3 below Irvine

  2. Betty is not adjacent to Erwin.

  3. Ohio is 1 place below Waterfall.

6. Erwin is 1 place above Expectancy but 2 below Montana.

7. Grimble is 1 place above Vanity but 3 above Iowa.

ANAGRAMS – Unscramble the words below by using the hints

  1. AMBEACR (something not very pleasant)

  2. NHAXTAR ( can be deadly)

  3. DHMAEMW (He ______ me on the head!)

  4. ERSWNSET (Love those cowboys!)

  5. NHETNTIS (Thin Mints are the _____ of Girl Scout cookies.)

  6. ACATSTRAC (Cloudy days but no clouds)

  7. SSTAIRLMA (“The sky is falling!)

  8. DHODAHETE ( Anything will set him off!)

  9. DNHOWSIKO ( He scams people on the Internet)


Poetry Prize

      NAME                      SURNAME                               STATE                          POEM

  1. Francis                 Grimble                                   Nebraska                     Waterfall

  2. Daisy                     Irvine                                       Ohio                                Vanity

  3. Betty                     Lee                                            Montana                        Sunrise

  4. Andrea                 Horse                                       Iowa                                Umbrella

  5. Erwin                    Jackson                                  Pennsylvania                 Tolerance

  6. Colin                      Keats                                       Colorado                       Expectancy


 1.Macabre      2.Anthrax     3.Whammed     4.Westerns     5.Thinnest

6.Cataracts        7. Alarmists      8. Hotheaded      9.Hoodwinks