Brain exercises Feb. 16

Cat Logic – When Ken the Cat Walker came down with a case of congestion, he asked his girlfriend Carla to fill in for him. He gave Carla a list of the names of the owners and their cats and warned her not to lose the lists because the cats were identical except for the name tags on their collars. Coincidentally, the cats had the same names as his customers, but no customer owned a cat with his own name.

Carla made the mistake of putting the list in a lunch bag with her tuna sandwich, both of which were eaten when she wasn’t looking by a very hungry cat named Stripes. Carla frantically tried to remember which cat belonged to which owner. She was sure that Mr. Puddles didn’t own Rusty. She knew that the cat owned by Mr. Rusty did not have the same name as the owner of Rusty. She was confident that Mr. Tommy’s cat did not have the same name as the man who owned Mr. Puddles.  She was certain that the cat owned by Mr. Stripes did not have the same name as the owner of  Tommy. Help Carla deliver the right cat  to the right owner so Ken doesn’t lose his customers.

Vivienne’s Vowels – Vivienne is an odd one. She has an aversion to the letters A,E,I,O,U. Can you fix her list of animals by putting back the missing vowels? (Note: “Animals” includes creature of any type, from the ant to the whale.) Try to solve this in three minutes!

  1. KL

  2. CTPS

  3. GS

  4. LN

  5. NTTR

  6. GN

  7. PND

  8. TTR

  9. TRTS

  10. FL

  11. M

  12. P


Cat Logic

Mr. Stripes owns Rusty. Mr. Rusty owns Puddles. Mr. Tommy owns Stripes. Mr. Puddles owns Tommy.

Vivienne’s Vowels

  1. Koala

  2. Octopus

  3. Goose

  4. Lion

  5. Anteater

  6. Iguana

  7. Panda

  8. Otter

  9. Tortoise

  10. Flea

  11. Emu

  12. Ape