Brain Exercises Feb. 23,2021

  1. Gary, Kelly and Val collected a total of 511 tickets at the arcade. Val won twice as many tickets as Gary. Kelly won twice as many as Val.  How many tickets did each win?

  2. How many numbers are spelled out in the phrase below?

  3. If one confectioner can make 400 candy canes per hour how long would it take three confectioners to make 6000 candy canes?

  4. What three salad ingredients appear here with vowels removed and spaces repositioned? R DSH SCR T NSTM TSL CS

  5. What do the words SHIN, CORN and QUART have in common?

  6. What state should follow the word WINE? PAIN – Ohio,
    WIND – Minnesota,       VAIN – Kentucky,       WINE – ?

  7. What do the words BOSS, TREAT, PORCH, BROOM have in common?

  8. Reba has been teaching four times as many years as Rishi. Next school year, Reba will have been teaching three times as long as Rishi.  How long has each teacher been teaching?

  9. Theresa and her three siblings all have podcasts. Monna’s show More with Monna airs Mondays. Tina’s show Talk with the Twins airs on    Walter’s show Wickedly Walter airs Wednesdays.  What day does Theresa’s podcast air?

Alphabet Trivia

  1. Name two of the three countries that begin with the letter H.

  2. Five world capitals begin with the latter H, but you’ll be doing great if you can name two of them.

  3. Which four US State capitals begin with the letter H?

  4. “H” in the table of elements:
    A. Which lighter-than-air is used as a lifting gas in balloons?
    B. Gas blamed for the Hindenburg disaster

5. How many of the US Presidents whose last name begin with the letter H can you name?

6. What do the four H’s stand for in the 4-H clubs?

       Quick answer questions:   (try to do these in one minute)

7.  A. Which of the five sense begins with the letter H?
B. Which of the five Great Lakes begins with the letter H?
 Which Ivy League college begins with the letter H?
D. Which of the four largest world’s religions begins with the letter H?

8. Famous people whose last name begins with H: (try for under a minute)

A. President Nixon’s Chief of Staff and key Watergate figure
B. Legendary escape artist
C. Playboy Founder
D. Filmmaker and master of suspense
E. Star of Forrest Gump and Sleepless in Seattle

9.   What do the following acronyms and abbreviations stand for?

          A. HBO
          B. HD
          C. HGTV
          D. HMO
          E. HOV
          F. HQ
          G. HUD
          H. HVAC

Puzzles answers

      1. Gary won 73 tickets, Val won 146, Kelly won 292.

      2. Three numbers are hidden: Two (thaT Would), Eight  (wEIGH Too), and One (alONE)

      3. 5 hours

          1. Radishes, Croutons,Tomato slices

          2. Each forms a new word when ER is added to the end: Shiner, corner, quarter

          3. IOWA. Each word is made of the abbreviations of two American states and is followed by the state that lies between them

          4. Each forms the name of a fish when the vowels are changed: BASS, TROUT, PERCH, BREAM

          5. Reba has taught for 8 years. Rishi for 2 years

          6. Tuesday: She’s Tina’s twin

    Alphabet Trivia

            1. Haiti, Honduras and Hungary (Holland doesn’t count because it’s official name if The Netherlands)

            2. Hanoi, Harare (Zimbabwe), Havana (Cuba), Helsinki (Finland), Honiara (Solomon Islands)

            3. Harrisburg, PA, Hartford, CT, Helena, MT

            4. Table of elements Helium   B. Hydrogen (today scientists believe there are several other possible reasons for the accident)

            5. Warren Harding, Benjamin Harrison, William Henry Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes, Herbert Hoover

            6. Hand, Head, Health, Heart

            7. A. Hearing
              B. Huron
              C. Harvard
              D. Hinduism

            8. A. H.R. Haldeman
              B. Harry Houdini
              C. Hugh Hefner
              D. Alfred Hitchcock
              E. Tom Hanks

            9. A. Home Box Office
              B. High definition
              C. Home and Garden TV
              D. Health maintenance organization
              E. High occupancy vehicle (as in HOV lane on a highway)
              F. Headquarters
              G. Housing and Urban Development
              H. Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning