Brain exercises – Feb. 9


Silly Valentine’s Day Riddles

  1. What did the Hamburger buy his sweetheart?

  2. What did the I-phone say to the MacBook?

  3. Why did the cannibal break up with his sweetheart?

  4. What did the snake say to his girlfriend?

  5. What kind of creepy crawlers love Valentine’s Day?

  6. What do you call a crab that won’t share his Valentine candy?

  7. What kind of flower is very kissable?

  8. What did the romantic phone say to the Wi-fi?

  9. How did the bell propose to his girlfriend?

  10. What did Feb. 14 say to Feb. 1 ?

Double Trouble

For each number, the second part of  compound words are  listed. You must identify the one word that precedes each of them to make a compound word. For example, given the words weed, coast and sick, the one word that makes them each a compound word is “sea.”

     1. Stairs, town, fall, size

  1. Hole, handle, power, slaughter

  2. Back, bridge, strings

  3. Coat, cast, board, dose

  4. Ship, wood, ware, headed

  5. Door, fuse, hale, mate, stall

  6. Brush, liner, port, craft

  7. Arm, cast, close, go

  8. Board, hold, note, stone

  9. Boy, hide, lick, poke

Answers to Valentine Riddles

  1. An onion ring

  2. “You are the Apple of my eye”

  3. She didn’t suit his tastes

  4. “Give me a hug and a hiss, honey”

  5. Roman-ticks

  6. A selfish shellfish

  7. Tulips

  8. “We definitely have a connection.”

  9. He gave her a “ring”

  10. “Hey, I heard you’re single.”

Answers to Double Trouble

  1. Down

  2. Man

  3. Draw

  4. Over

  5. Hard

  6. In

  7. Air

  8. Fore

  9. Key

  10. Cow