Brain Exercises Jan. 5

A few things to have fun with… Logic does not always rule!

Each of the following sentences is a “bull.” A “Bull” is a “mental juxtaposition of incongruous ideas, with the sensation, but not the sense, of connection,” named after Obadiah Bull, a 19th century Irish lawyer and Sir Boyle  Roche.

  • Half the lies our opponents tell about us are not true.

  • This piece is chock full of omissions.

  • I marvel at the strength of human weakness.

  • The man I am about to introduce you to is know all over the world , and many other places besides.

  • If you don’t like it, sit down and get out.

  • Single misfortunes never come alone and the greatest of national calamities is generally followed by one greater.


Since many of us could not spend time with our family, we should spend some time considering just how all of us are related.

What relation to you is

  1. Your aunt’s Mother’s father’s wife?

  2. Your first cousin’s uncle’s mother?

  3. Your sister’s father’s stepson’s mother?

  4. Your father’s father’s daughter’s daughter?

  5. Your sister-in-law’s father-in-law’s grandson?

  6. Your mother’s nephew’s daughter’s son?

  7. Your father’s uncle’s brother’s wife?

  8. Your uncle’s father’s only grandchild?

  9. Your brother-in-law’s wife’s grandfather’s wife?

  10. Your brother’s son’s sister’s mother?

Riddle :

1.   Brothers and sisters have I none,

      But that man’s father is my father’s son.

2.  From what can you take the whole away and still have some?

  1. What lives only in winter, dies in summer, and grows root upwards?

  2. What was yesterday that tomorrow will be?

  3. What’s the difference between a soldier on the battlefield and a woman at her mirror?

Relations answers

  1. Great-grandfather

  2. Grandmother or none

  3. Stepmother

  4. First cousin

  5. Nephew or son

  6. First cousin twice removed

  7. Grandmother or great aunt

  8. Yourself

  9. Grandmother

  10. Sister-in-law

Riddle :

1. “That Man” is the speaker’s own  acknowledged son. A widower remarried.  His son married his father’s bride’s mother.  Each couple had a son. 

2.  Wholesome

  1. An icicle

  2. Today

5.   The one faces the powder, the other powders the face