Brain Exercises July 13

Some All-American Trivia

  1. When the American flag is displayed vertically on a wall, in which corner should the field of stars appear?

  2. How many red stripes appear on the American Flag?

  3. What is the only US building on which another flag properly flies above the American flag?

  4. What must be done before the American flag is flown on half-staff in a symbol of mourning?

  5. In what year did the US Congress first adopt a resolution containing the uniform code of etiquette for the American flag?  1777, 1865, 1923 or 1942?

  6. Which US President appears on the far left at Mount Rushmore?

  7. What admiral of the American Revolution is considered to be the father of the US Navy?

  8. What President was known as the Father of the Constitution?

  9. Ben Franklin’s face adorned what US coin from 1948 to 1963?

  10. Name the President who said, ”You know even the Democrats go too far sometimes on downsizing government. One of them said we ought to turn the Pentagon into a triangle.”

All-American Riddles

  1. What’s the capital in Washington?

    2. What would you say if everyone in the country sneezed at the same time?

    3. What state is famous for tiny beverages?

    4. What is the smartest state?

    5.  What do you call a hippie’s wife?

    6. What cat said, “The British are coming!”

    7. Why can’t a woman living in the U.S. be buried in Canada?

    8. Why did the British cross the Atlantic Ocean?

    9. What song do animals in the jungle listen to on July 4th?

    10.  What was Thomas Jefferson’s favorite dessert?


All American Trivia

  1. Upper left

  2. Seven (there are only six white stripes)

  3. United Nations Headquarters (the UN flag flies above all countries; the American flag flies secondary, in tandem with the flags of all other member nations

  4. It must be hoisted to the top of the pole (When a half-staff flag is lowered, it again should be raised to the peak before being taken down).

  5. 1942

  6. George Washington

  7. John Paul Jones

  8. James Madison

  9. The half dollar

  10. Bill Clinton

All-American Riddles

1. W

2. God Bless America!

3. Mini-soda

4. Alabama = it has four A’s and one B

5. Mississippi

6. Paw Revere

7. Because she’s still alive

8. To get to the other tide

9. Tarzan Stripes Forever

10. Monti-jello