Brain Exercises Nov. 17

Some really corny riddles…

  1. What did George Washington do with his boots when he wore them out?

  2. What is bought by the yard and worn by the feet?

  3. Why is the letter A like 12 o’clock?

  4. What scales can’t be used for weighing?

  5. What goes down deep and can never be dragged up again?

State Nicknames – See if you can name the state described by each nickname.  Many of the states have several nicknames.  These are some of the better known.

  1. The Hawkeye State (named after Chief Black Hawk)

  2. The Beehive State

  3. The Constitution State

  4. The Yellowhammer State (named after the sleeves of a general’s uniform)

  5. The North Star State

  6. Land of Enchantment

  7. The Beaver State

  8. The Centennial State (made a state 100 years after Declaration of Independence)

  9. The Equality State (first to give vote to women)

  10. The Sunflower State

  11. The Pelican State

  12. The Pine Tree State

  13. The First State

  14. The Gem State (from Shoshone word for Gem of the Mountain)

  15. The Show Me State


  1. He wore them home again.

  2. A carpet

  3. It’s always in the middle of day

  4. The ones you play on the piano

  5. A well

State Nicknames :

  1.  Iowa

  2. Utah

  3. Connecticut

  4. Alabama

  5. Minnesota

  6. New Mexico

  7. Oregon

  8. Colorado

  9. Wyoming

  10. Kansas

  11. Louisiana

  12. Maine

  13. Delaware

  14. Idaho

  15. Missouri