Brain exercises – Nov. 24

A Spelling Quiz! 

See if you know which is the correct spelling for each of these words:

  1. Liquify or liquefy

  2. Cemetary or cemetery

  3. Minuscule or miniscule

  4. Judgment or judgment

  5. Weird or weird

  6. A lot or a lot

  7. All right or alright

  8. Accomodate or accommodate

  9. Liaison or liason

  10. Millennium or millenium

  11. Independent or independent

  12. Truley or truly

  13. Grammar or grammer

  14. Exceed or excede

  15. Sacreligious or sacrilegious

“T” for Thanksgiving…

Each answer begins with the letter T

  1. Name four musical instruments that begin with the letter T

  2. Which three US state capitals begin with the letter T?

  3. Name five animals of any type that begin with the letter T

  4. Name one sign of the Zodiac that begins with the letter T

  5. What are the last names of four US Presidents that begin with T?





  1. Liquefy

  2. Cemetery (remember – “She screamed EEE! as she passed the cemetery)

  3. Minuscule

  4. Judgment is American spelling; judgement is British spelling

  5. Weird (remember – “WE are weird”)

  6. A lot (it’s always two words)

  7. All right (like All wrong, it’s always two words)

  8. Accommodate

  9. Liaison

  10. Millennium

  11. Independent

  12. Truly

  13. Grammar (remember – “You want A’s in grammar.)

  14. Exceed

  15. Sacrilegious

“T” for Thanksgiving

1. Timpani, Tom tom, Triangle, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba + others

2. Tallahassee, Topeka, Trenton

3. Tasmanian devil, Terrier, Thomson’s gazelle, Tiger, Timber wolf, Turkey, turtle + more

4. Taurus

5. John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, William Howard Taft, Harry Truman