Brain Exercises October 27

Some Halloween Humor

  1. What do you call a charming, honest, sweet Monster?

  2. What would a monster eat if he visited your house?

  3. What time is it if a monster knocks at your door?

  4. Where do monsters pick up their mail?

  5. How do monsters keep from dying?

Living Large Anagram

Below are 10 jumbled phrases.  Each is an anagram (rearrangement) of a word or phrase that fits the story.  Can you decipher all 10?

At the Museum of UnamBIGuously Large Things, a seven-foot docent addressed the  tourists.

“We like to think big,” he said.  Our favorite biblical person is HOT GAIL.  Our favorite animal is THE PLANE.  Our favorite geographical unit is CNN TONITE.” 

What is your favorite vehicle?” a tourist asked. 

“The OSTRICH MELT, of course,” the docent grinned.

“How about your favorite tourist attraction?” ventured another sightseer.

“The LEO MUSIC, naturally. Now, please follow me as I point out some other big things. Here, for instance, is a model of our favorite ocean-going vessel, the SUSIE CHIRP. And in this display you see our most revered athletes, NO EMOLLIENT FLAB. Although we surely give props to the MEOW RUSTLERS as well!  Over here you can see a satellite view of that glorious hole in the ground, the NANCY DRAGON. And finally, “ he said, concluding the tour, “on that wall you see the END BATTALION, a large number that gets larger every second.  I must admit that it is not one of our favorite things…but it is, as they say, ginormous!”




Some Halloween Humor

  1. A failure

  2. You

  3. Time to leave

  4. At the dead letter office

  5. They go into the living room

Living Large Anagram

HOT GAIL = Goliath

THE PLANE = elephant

CNN TONITE = continent

OSTRICH MELT = Stretch limo

LEO MUSIC = Coliseum

SUSIE CHIRP = Cruise ship

NO EMOLLIENT FLAB = Football linemen

MEOW RUSTLERS = Sumo wrestler

NANCY DRAGON = Grand Canyon

END BATTALION = National Debt