Brain Exercises September 8

This week, we will test your memory of Roman numerals. See how much you remember and, if your interest is sparked, there are several You-tube videos that will explain the logic of those very clever citizens of Ancient Rome.

1. There are seven letters used in Roman numerals. They are I,V,X,L,C,D, and M. Can you tell what each of these letters represents in Arabic numerals?
2. When writing Roman numbers, you can never list more than _____ of one symbol in a row.
3. Roman numbers are read in descending order from the _______ to ________.
4. When reading a number, if the next number is less than the number following it on the right , you ____ that number from the one following it.
5. When reading a number, if the next number is larger or equal to the one following it on the right, you ____ that number to the numeral.

Now to use all those rules…..
Tell what Arabic number is symbolized by these Roman numerals:
6. IX
10. XC
12. XIX
13. MMXX

Now tell how to write these numbers in Roman numerals:
14. 749
15. 151
16. 89
17. 900
18. 1949
19. 3768
20. 830
21. What two very famous events are always dated with Roman numerals?

In the future, we can discuss how to write Roman numbers from 4000 and above. To do these numbers, you need to draw a line over the letter. For example, 5000 would be the letter V with a line over it. I will research how to do that on a keyboard and let you know as soon as I find out. I guess keyboards are not Roman-user friendly! If anyone knows how, please email In the meantime, try to write the year of your birth and try to read the date a movie was produced as it is shown in Roman numerals at the end of the film.


1. I= 1 V=5 X=10 L=50 C=100 D=500 M=1000
A way to remember the order is to use these two sentences: I Value X-rays. +
Let’s Count the Doctor’s Money.
2. 3
3. Left to right
4. Subtract
5. Add
6. 9
7. 44
8. 80
9. 1969
10. 90
11. 1420
12. 19
13. 2020
15. CLI
17. CM
21. Super Bowl and Olympics