Change A Letter…

Change the first letter of the three words in each list to create three new words that all start with the same letter.  For example, given the words Whine, plant and reason, what one letter can replace the first letter of each word to make three new words?  The answer is S – shine, slant, and season.

  1. wide, scorn, olive

  2. baked, eight, yearly

  3. wart, chick, great

  4. grid, hiding, suction

  5. dough, mover, grown

  6. warm, reading, worse

  7. unit, snow, help

  8. gel, plastic, jarring

  9. Danish, ease, sanity

  10. math, basis, doze


  1. Aide, acorn, alive

  2. Naked, night, nearly

  3. Tart, thick, treat

  4. Arid, aiding, auction

  5. Cough, cover, crown

  6. Harm, heading, horse

  7. Knit, know, kelp

  8. Eel, elastic, earring

  9. Vanish, vase, vanity

  10. Oath, oasis, ooze