More or Less?

More or Less?

You may not actually know the answers to these questions, but life experience can help you reason them out.

  1. Are there more humans or squirrels in the United States?

  2. Are there more hairs on an adult human’s head (on average) or feathers on a full-grown bald eagle?

  3. Was the average height of an American man in 1900 taller or shorter than the average height of an American woman today?

  4. Sadly, are more Americans blind or deaf?

  5. Do more Americans claim a German heritage or an Irish heritage in the United States?



Mary is the first resident to move into a newly built apartment complex. She lives on the tenth floor. Every morning, she takes the elevator to the ground floor and goes to work. Every evening, however, she gets off on the seventh floor and walks up three flights of stairs to her apartment. Why does she do this?

Answers below. No Peeking!





More or less answers?

  1. Using the 2010 census, the US population was roughly at 307 million. While there is no exact count of squirrels (the darn critters just won’t fill out those census forms!), it is reasonable to assume there are 1.5 squirrels per acre of land in the US, which would result in   approximately 1.12 billion squirrels. That means that, in 2010, the squirrels outnumbered the humans by 3 to 1. We’ll have to wait until the 2020 census and some crazed squirrel counter for new numbers to get a more updated idea.

  2. The average human head has about 100,000 hairs. The average bald eagle has about 7200 feathers. So, the human head has 10 times more hairs than eagles have feathers. (And the human hair is getting to be a lot longer with hair salons closed!)

According to a German scientist, human hair thickness is related to hair color. Blondes average about 140,000 hairs while people with black hair average about 90,000 hairs on their head

  1. In 1900, the average man was about 5’7” tall. Today, the average woman     is about 5’4”. The 1900 men win!

  2. Nearly 1.3 million people are legally blind while three times that number (4.5 million) have significant hearing loss.

  3. The 2010 census showed that 42.8 million Americans claim a German heritage, while 30.5 million Americans claim to have an Irish background


Mary is very short. She can’t reach the upper elevator buttons.