Order, Please! Oct. 6

Place the following list of countries in order of the size of their landmass, starting with the largest.

Iran, Brazil, Japan, France, Canada, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, United States

Some puzzling situations….

  1. Best friends   Speedy and Pokey started their own bicycle package-pickup service, catering to the businesses that lined both sides of the street they lived on. With each side of the street having the same number of businesses, they decided that the best plan would be for Speedy to pick up on one side and Pokey to  pick up on the other. In the excitement of the first day, Pokey got his bike turned around and picked up packages at the first five businesses on Speedy’s side of the street. That’s when Speedy caught up to him and took over, so Pokey crossed the street and started visiting the businesses on his side. Living up to his name, Speedy finished  the pickups on his side and crossed over to help Pokey, making the pickups at the last nine businesses on Pokey’s side of the street.  How many more pickups did Speedy make compared to Pokey?

  1. Fast Food Frank stopped in a brand new burger joint for his fast food lunch. Checking the lighted menu behind the counter, he saw that the following combinations were available:

Burger and fries – $3.50         Fries and a small drink – $2.25       Small drink and a cookie – $1.50        Burger and cookie  ******

Unfortunately, the lights behind the price of  Frank’s favorite combo, a burger and a cookie, were burned out and he didn’t know how much it was. It was the counter clerk’s first day, and he didn’t know the price either. Luckily, Fast Food Frank was fast at figures and figured out how much a burger and a cookie combo costs just by looking at the other combos. What is the price of the Burger and cookie combo?

  1. Not wanting to be embarrassed by revealing her age on her birthday, Grandma instead told the grandkids that, if they multiplied her age in 5 years by 5, then multiplied her again in 6 years by 6, and added the two totals together, they would get a number that is 12 times her current age. When she saw the large wax forest atop her birthday cake, Grandma knew they had figured it out. How old is she?


Order, Please!

Canada (3.8 million sq. miles), US (3.79 million), Brazil (3.2 million), Australia (2.9  million), Argentina (1.0 million), Saudi Arabia (830,000 Sq. Miles), Iran (636,000 Sq. miles), France (247,000), Japan (145,000) Germany (137,000)

Some Puzzling Situations…

  1. No matter how many businesses are on the street, Speedy made the pickups at 8 more businesses than Pokey. 

(If the number of businesses on each side of the street is X, then Speedy picks up X-5+9 or X +4, while Pokey picks up 5 + X- 9 or X-4, making a difference of 8.)

  1. $2.75. If a burger and fries cost $3.50 and a small drink and cookie cost $1.50, then all four cost a total of $5. Take away the fries and the small drink, which cost $2.25, and the remaining cookie and burger cost $2.75

  1. Grandma is 61