PALINDROMES – words that are spelled the same forward and backward. 
See if you can finish these easy rhymes with a word that is a palindrome. 

  1. The top I’ll sand, the edge I’ll bevel; I’ll make that board smooth and ______.

  2. An ancient king, kind of a nut, is often called Old King ______.

  3. A comic calls his jokes his bag; each separate joke he calls a ______.

   4.  Word has traveled near and far, your speed is being checked by ______.

  1. Just before Christmas, I think I’ll leave; that will be Christmas ______.

  2. He vanished into a valley deep; no word’s been heard, not a ______.

   7.  What a fight! Sock! Pow! Tom’s the winner ______!

   8. This mother sheep I’ll give to you; she’s a valuable but gentle ______.

   9. The new freeway is paved macadam.  It was named for Mrs. McAdam ______.

  1. I made this basket from twisted reed. It certainly wasn’t an easy ______.

  2. Look what I found in Santa’s boot; a bell to ring, a horn to ______.

  3. I’m in a calm and peaceful mood. The morning lawn with drops is ______.

 13.  Whenever I eat a barbecued sparerib, I feel I really should wear a ______.

  1. Secrets? I could really tell you some, but I won’t. I’ll keep ______.

  2. Now don’t get flustered, just keep calm. I’ve a good surprise for the family. ______

 16.  Who stole that piece of chocolate pie?  Billy! Look me straight in the ______,

 17.  You’ll have to take the picture over, Bud.  The flashbulb failed; it was a ______,

  1. My aunt is visiting from Savannah. I know you would like her, my aunt ______.

  2. Grab little Toby and see what he’s got! I never saw a more mischievous ______.


  1.  level

  2. Tut

  3. gag

  4. radar

  5. eve

  6. peep

  7. Wow!

  8. ewe

  9. madam

  10. deed

  11. toot

  12. dewed

  13. bib

  14. mum

  15. mom

  16. eye

  17. dud

  18. Anna

  19. tot