Think About it…

The Latin word for tree bark is “cortex.” The cortex protects the brain just as bark protects the inside of a tree.


This week, explore phobias. Please don’t acquire any new ones. Happy thoughts, only. Plus, there is a word that means “fear of fears”…..phobophobia. Instead, see if you can pick the proper word from the list at the top to match the type of phobia described in each sentence.

Acrophobia, agoraphobia, astraphobia, chronophobia, chrematophobia,
Elurophobia, graphophobia, hippopotomontrosesquipedaliophobia, hodophobia,
Gamophobia, lalophobia, musophobia, mageirocophobia, ponophobia, zoophobia

  1. Her ________ made her feel much better when she stayed at home instead of going out into crowds.

  2. Every time the professor stood in front of a large class, he had to overcome his ________, a fear of speaking.

  3. The stewardess overcame her fear of traveling or _________ early in her career.

  4. A person who fears animals and has _______ should never become a veterinarian.

  5. As the years passed, his _________, a fear of time, eased quite a bit.

  6. Because Miriam feared mice, she bought a cat to control her ___________.

  7. Stephen will never stay after hours because he has _________, a fear of overwork.

  8. It’s not easy to put words on paper sometimes, especially when you have ____________, a fear of writing.

  9. It doesn’t seem possible that anyone would have a fear of money, but ________ is a real phobia for some.

  10. Although George loved Susan, he just could not manage to propose because of his______, a fear of marriage.

  11. It’s not a good idea to climb Mt. Everest if you have a fear of heights, ___________.

  12. Heloise loved dogs and had three but the neighbor’s cats terrified because she suffered from ____________.

  13. It wasn’t a good idea to give Vivian a frying pan as a gift (it’s never a good idea to give a woman a frying pan as a gift!) because she had ________, a fear of cooking.

  14. James was an avid reader, but didn’t like to stop and ponder over multi-syllabic words because he feared long words and suffered from ___________.








  1. Agoraphobia

  2. Lalophobia

  3. Hodophobia

  4. Zoophobia

  5. Chronophobia

  6. Musophobia

  7. Ponophobia

  8. Graphophobia

  9. Chrematophobia

  10. Gamophobia

  11. Acrophobia

  12. Elurophobia

  13. Mageirocophobia

  14. hippopotomontrosesquipedaliophobia