Pick the Correct One…

Pick the  correct one….

  1. As soon as I put my coat on, I’ll be (already, all ready).

  2. Put an (asterick, asterisk) at the beginning of each line.

  3. He waited for his grades with (baited, bated) breath.

  4. The cows were held back by (barbed wire, barb wire, bob wire).

  5. In our pay checks, the funds were (dispersed, disbursed).

  6. He mended the pipes with (duct, duck) tape.

  7. I feel (all right, alright) tonight.

  8. I am (eager, anxious) for Christmas to arrive to open presents.

  9. The crowd (dispersed, disbursed) after the meeting.

  10. Don’t you wish you had a cup of (expresso, espresso) right now?

  11. People are (healthy, healthful) and vegetables are (healthy, healthful).

  12. You will get your money on Thursday (regardless, irregardless) of the mail.

  13. The stores were (real close, really close) to the house.

  14. This cereal is part of a (healthy, healthful) breakfast.

  15. In the spring, we lose an hour to (daylight saving time, daylight savings time).






  1. All ready

  2. Asterisk

  3. Bated

  4. Barbed wire

  5. Disbursed

  6. Duct or duck

  7. All right (the opposite of all wrong, which is always two words)

  8. Eager (anxious implies worry)

  9. Dispersed

  10. Espresso

  11. Healthy, healthful

  12. Regardless

  13. Really close

  14. Healthful

  15. Daylight savings time