Each question in this quiz has three different answers… and they all rhyme.  For example:
Clues – one plus one, not false, azure color
Answer: two, true, blue


  1. Modest or unpretentious; almost fail; speak indistinctly

  2. To throw pieces around randomly; to lavish praise, usually insincerely; to break suddenly into many small pieces

  3. A short simple song; metropolis; young cat

  4. The system in an automobile that is activated by a key; a basic arithmetic operation; to try out for a play

  5. A canine, for example; frequent choice in restaurant seating; veracity

  6. A device that strengthens or supports; the product of tatting; a sprint or  marathon

  7. A hobo; A rustic vacation place; postage

  8. A mismatch of colors; garbage; the sound of something hitting water

  9. A typical feature on an iron; a homeless dog; a horse sound

  10. An energetic style; first hit in a tennis game; to turn abruptly or change direction

  11. To put a prisoner in chains; a feature of American football; wall repair material

  12. An aromatic mix of dried flowers and spices; a basketball or soccer official; the     Volunteer State

  13. House shoe; a TV dolphin; a clothing fastener


  1. Humble, stumble, mumble

  2. Scatter, flatter, shatter

  3. Ditty, city, kitty

  4. Ignition, addition, audition

  5. Tooth, booth, truth

  6. Brace, lace, race

  7. Tramp, camp, stamp

  8. Clash, trash, splash

  9. Spray, stray, neigh

  10. Verve, serve, swerve

  11. Shackle, tackle, spackle

  12. Potpourri, referee, Tennessee

  13. Slipper, flipper, zipper